Impromptu trips make for late blogs

Due to a last second completely random decision to spend the second half of our Sunday at Busch Gardens, my blog is nearly an hour late this evening! It was also a completely random decision to stay there through dinner, we’d planned on being home by then- but since there were NO LINES for ANYTHING (seriously, no lines), we just couldn’t see leaving and wasting an opportunity to ride everything as many times as we wanted with no wait.

Random thoughts, since it’s late already

DAMN Virginia weather is so, so hot. I would use the terminology that I must have sweat off 5 pounds, but that would just be wishful thinking.

I didn’t get as sunburned as I usually do, which is strange, since I could swear I felt the skin on my back literally sizzling. You’d think with how much time I spend outside that I would be tan by now. Big negative there. I am incapable of tanning. Getting one darker shade of alabaster, maybe. Five thousand more freckles, definitely, but tan? No.

You would also think with how much time I spend walking in amusement parks, up hill, with Holden’s fat lazy ass in a cheap pop up stroller we only bring for Parker to sit in, that I would have tiny muscular legs and an ass of steel. Big negative there too.

Last thought: It would appear that after giving birth to two children, I am completely immune to G forces on roller coasters. That is the main reason I go on them, for that feeling you get in your stomach when you go over a huge drop. I barely got that at all today, and we rode all but 1 roller coaster in the whole park. Weird.

My brain has now ceased functioning, so i’m going to go ahead and call it a night.

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