I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!

My boys seem to have a love/love/hate relationship. I know that sounds weird, but if you met them you would understand.
They fiercely love each other, but at the same time, fight over absolutely everything. It’s sibling rivalry at it’s finest.

Most little brothers want to be just like their older brother, and Parker is no different. Everything Holden does, he wants to do. Even things he shouldn’t be doing. And Holden completely feeds off of that energy and does things he knows he shouldn’t be doing, knowing Parker will copy him, just to HAVE Parker copy him. Climbing on tables and chairs, throwing grass into the swimming pool, sitting on the ledge of the bathtub, getting out the stepping stool and attempting to wash their own hands… these are all things that could potentially hurt Parker, but he insists on doing them just because Holden does them, and he loves Holden so much that he wants to follow in his footsteps.

The door swings both ways, though. It isn’t just Parker that strives to be like Holden. It would seem that Holden wants to be just like Parker as well- which is far more frustrating than Parker wanting to be like Holden, since Parker is younger and doesn’t have a full grasp on language or anything else.

Any time Parker sees an animal on TV, one commercial in particular with a fake panda bear, he screeches. Now, whenever Holden sees the commercial, HE screeches as well… two kids screeching directly in my ear over a ridiculously fake panda bear.
Parker points and grunts at cars that drive by on the street, something Holden hasn’t done since he was a baby, but now whenever he sees a car, he points and absolutely loses it- causing Parker to lose it as well.
They feed off of each other in the worst way possible.

That’s not to say it isn’t sweet- it definitely is. I love to see them actually playing together and enjoying the same things (even if they fight over the same toy constantly), but it’s just weird to see Holden revert into baby mode every time he sees something he knows Parker really likes.
As many times as I tell Holden not to act like a baby, he just won’t listen. I tell him not to influence Parker into continuing his weird obsessions, he won’t listen.
It drives me bananas!

The ONE way I wish this whole brotherly mocking obsession is in the potty area. Parker is not right now at the point Holden was in potty training at the same age- which is ok, since Holden did so well so early, I didn’t expect Parker to do quite as well… but it would be nice if Parker would watch Holden do his business and follow in his footsteps.
Holden encourages him constantly, which is awesome- and is asking him every day if he wants to “wear big boy underwear”- and Parker always nods that he does, but still ends up randomly pissing himself throughout the day. I’m tempted just to stick him in underwear and see how it goes, but I fear messing my carpet. Toddler pee and poo in the carpet is not as easy to get out as one might think.

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