I may never blog about potty training again!

I swear, every time I blog about potty training, it torpedoes downward! I jinx myself and everything just goes to shit, literally. Shit everywhere!

Before I took to this blog and said how well Parker was doing, there were ZERO accidents. Not a single one in what? 4 or 5 days?
The morning after I blogged, potty training went to hell in a handbasket.

Day 1 after blog: Poop smeared all over my house and running down Parker’s legs.
Day 2: a massive pee accident.
Day 3: today… Ohhhh today. The worst of all accident days!
No, there wasn’t a steaming pile of toddler crap in a trail leading to my kid, but it came a very close second just because of the sheer volume of accidents.

Even though I stuck to my word and forced the kid to crap on the potty, somehow he still managed to sneak one by me.
“Mommy, I think Parker needs to doodoo!”
No, Holden, Parker doesn’t NEED to doodoo, he already did! I know I get on Holden because he’s constantly tattling on Parker, but poop is the ONE time where I wish he’d tattle early.
This time, the poop didn’t escape his underwear, but it still completely covered his butt, and I had to shake it loose from his underwear and it came out in one huge PLOP into the toilet. If you’re wondering, yes, I gagged.
Then came a pee accident, which was easily cleaned up but still gross when it saturates your hands and even washing them doesn’t remove the smell. And people wonder why I hate asparagus.

Later on in the day is the pee to end all pees. I found Parker standing in the living room, crotch completely saturated. Only did I notice after I stepped in a wet spot.
Once I took and got him cleaned up, and had to put him in a DIAPER because he’d soiled so many pairs of underwear this week that I had no clean ones left for him to wear. I attempted then to find the wet spot on the floor, and magically, it had disappeared. I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere… and my living room will probably starting wreaking of pee soon but i’ll never be able to find the source again. Great.

It wasn’t until Thomas got home that I notice a HUGE wet spot on the couch. The only logical reasoning behind it being there was that it was where the pee accident started. And I only just now realized that that exact spot is where I am sitting now… so now not only will my living room wreak of pee, but I will too.
After four paper towels, I had done the best I could… although I know it wasn’t good enough and my couch is likely ruined.

I’m really not sure what to do! We started out so strong and now we seem to have gone back to ground zero with this whole thing. Even less than that, because before we switched out of diapers Parker wasn’t messing himself this often.

Spite is a nasty little tool. So is jinxing yourself.

Note to self: if you blog about something NOT happening, chances are, it WILL happen.

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