I can’t take you two anywhere!

Having two young children is difficult no matter how you swing it. When you have to keep such a close eye on both of them all the time, it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else other than attempting to keep them in line. Going out in public is stressful, i’ve still not mastered the art of it.

Today we attended a birthday party for my friend’s daughter, her 9th. Other than a 9 day old, my boys were the youngest two there, and I swear when they are surrounded by kids older than them, they go completely insane. It brings out the worst in them. They both thing they are far older than they are, and when there’s no one else their age to bring them back into orbit, it just enhances this by a million.

The entire day was spent keeping them out of things, off of things, from touching things, from mimicking kids much older and with far better balance. Surrounded by other adults, you start to feel like an ass for repeating the word “no” more times than you can count in a 5 minute period.

Parker, who is notorious for falling down stairs, just couldn’t seem to stay away from them. Holden, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quiet, continued to yell in the presence of a newborn… not to mention touch her face and tickle her feet when she was fussy for 95% of the party.

Everyone loved having them at the party, especially with Holden’s oddball commentary, but there are times where I feel like I just can’t take them anywhere. It’s too stressful! I need to grow a 3rd eye, because that one your mother always threatened was in the back of her head just doesn’t exist. I wish it did!

The day ended as it always does when we take Parker out around a lot of strangers for a prolonged period of time, with Parker whining because he can’t do something he’s insisting on doing and won’t have it any other way, and with Holden yelling like a maniac and running in circles. I know when these two things happen simultaneously that it’s time to pack it in and go home.

Even after the mountains of cotton candy, cake, ice cream, chips and pretzels they consumed, both are now asleep and have yet to get up with the usual excuses. Long day, good sleep- can’t beat that.

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