Hot weather and long hair do not mix

Every summer since I started growing my hair out, which has been 4 years now, I get the strong urge to chop it all off.
All i’ve wanted for the LONGEST time is long, what I call “movie star” hair. Every time it’s gotten anywhere close to that in the past, i’ve gotten sick of dealing with it and chopped it all off. Every time I end up regretting it, but my neck never does.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again- Virginia summers are nothing to laugh about. They are hot, and they are humid- and they are hell for people with long, thick hair. Me being one of those people.

My hair has now gotten to a length that it hasn’t been since I was a little kid. It is LONG, but still not where I want it… and this summer has already turned out to be a scorcher. 95 degrees or more most days (with the exception of this week). Any time I go outside, my hair instantly starts sticking to any open skin it can.
When we go to Busch Gardens, I HAVE to tie my hair back or i’ll be miserable. Once we go on rides, and the pony tail gets messed up, my attempts to tie it back again are futile at best. I’m so sweaty, that my hair gets sweaty, and then it starts to mat up into a rats nest, and I end up having to tie it back like that. Once we get home at night, it takes me a good 5 minutes to brush out the damage i’ve done.

I always have to wonder: what is the point of HAVING this long hair if all I ever do is tie it back because it bothers me so much?
Not even I can answer that one, and with the time i’ve spent growing it out, I think i’ve invested too much and am too committed to the length to ever chop it all off again. I can honestly tell you that I DREAM about doing it on a regular basis though.

I’ll be thankful for this long thick hair once winter comes back around- it’s like a long warm coat of fur.

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  • It gets annoying but I am a guy, and my hair still barely at my shoulders and I won’t let it grow longer than my shoulders.To me men don’t look good with that much long of a hair.

    It is does get annoying, but I have found that I can deal with it , some times it does puff alittle due to heat. But other than that it is alright.

    I love long hair.

  • I myself could have written this post only changing location to North Carolina. Here’s what I do: I braid it to keep it together and then put it “up”. Makes life so much more tolerable!

    By the way, I’m semi-new to your blog but really enjoy it. I’m a grandma now so I enjoy it two ways, memories and laughing at everything my daughter is now enjoying as a mom to children of similar ages to yours. I’ve passed your blog on multiple times and REALLY enjoyed the post about enunciation. Keep it up, girl! You keep writing, I’ll keep reading and sharing.