Friday is a day for updates

I’ve been so consumed by the trial against Casey Anthony that it would seem like i’m not getting anything else done- and maybe that’s partially the case. I can admit i’m totally obsessed, and after today- I think she’s screwed, but that’s beside the point.

Life still has to go on, and it has!

Sitting in front of the computer to listen to the trial without commercial interruption has given me a good chance to really buckle down on getting the book editing done. I have a LONG way to go, but i’m about 130 pages through the final edit- so that means around 170 to go. The final editing stage is harder than I had anticipated. There’s not as much to really pour through and tear apart, but i’m to the point where I have to decide what stays and what goes, if I so choose to remove anything at this point. If I want to condense, now is really my last chance, because there’s NO way i’m doing yet another edit. I’m so excited for it to finally be done, but even after I get through this edit the battle has not yet been won. I still want to add a few small sections at the end for Holdenisms and maybe the best and worst comments, I still need to format the entire thing into actual book form, and I still have to design the front and back covers. Much to be done! And I wish it was done already, ugh!

We got a call today from our new speech therapist, we start next week. I didn’t think it would happen so soon because there’s apparently a serious shortage of speech therapists, but it’s good that it’s finally going to happen. Parker will be two in just a few short months and still says ZERO words. I’ve got him making sounds, and signing very well- but i’d like him speaking before his 2nd birthday. I’d also like him OFF of baby food once and for all by then. No words can describe how sick I am of baby food.

Our search for a second opinion from an orthopedist for Parker has turned out to be completely fruitless, and completely frustrating. Everyone we’ve called considers Parker a “special case” because of his age, and in turn, would refer him to the Children’s Hospital. Well, that’s where we went in the first place, and OBVIOUSLY that didn’t go well. I think we’re going to have to look outside of our area, for a practice that is too far to refer Parker to CHKD, otherwise we’re screwed, and in turn, so is he. His walking is getting more sturdy over time, but the turn out of his legs, the hyperextension, and the rolling of his feet isn’t changing for the better at all.

Thomas’ job… is not going so well. Starting next month he has to take a 10% pay cut, so he’s finally taking my advice and looking elsewhere for a job. We can hardly afford to live on what he makes. Removing 10% of that would KILL us. He’s worth FAR more than he’s getting paid right now anyways, another thing i’ve been telling him FOREVER, so crossing my fingers that someone will see his value and pay him what he’s worth.

That’s life in a nutshell right now. I’m hoping things start going our way soon.

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