Dumb comments, round 5

We had this problem when Holden was a baby: random strangers making dumb comments on his size.

What are you feeding him?
Oh he sure never misses a meal, does he?
He’s only ___ months old?? But he looks so much bigger!

It was slightly infuriating. I could never be quite sure if the strangers meant well, or if they were making underhanded digs at his size, as if I was feeding him too much, or there was something wrong with him.
Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW he was, and still is, a big child… but that’s just how he’s always been. And he never even ate much as a baby.

Unfortunately, we are having the same issue with people making comments about Parker- and it’s even more infuriating because i’m very sensitive about his size and weight.
The comments are similar, but opposite. People always thought Holden was much older… people always think Parker is much younger. They look at him and scratch their heads when I tell them his age.

Take our most recent trip to Busch Gardens, for instance.

While we were all riding the carousel, there was a father and his son on the horses next to us. The father was trying to make conversation with Parker, and Parker was having NO part in it. I don’t blame him, the dude was a freaking giant with a loud booming voice. Nightmare city for a toddler.
After a few minutes of conversing, he asked Parker’s age. When I told him that Parker was nearly two, he looked like he was going to crap.
“He’s almost two?? REALLY? HIM??”
No, I made it up. YES HE’S ALMOST TWO! The guy was nice, but just would not stop going on and on about it. Even when we saw him a little later in the day, he kept bringing up Parker’s age as if it was absolutely unfathomable to him.

Around dinner time we realized that the log flume, which we had previously thought only those over 46″ could ride, was actually open to EVERYONE except infants as long as there was a parent to ride with them. And since it was painfully hot out, and there was hardly anyone in the line, we decided to give it a shot.
Once we got to the front and it was almost our turn to board, the employee took one look at Parker, whom I was holding (lots of stairs and water… No way was I gonna let the kid walk around), and asked if he could walk. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I even had to go as far as to put Parker down and let him walk around on the platform to prove that he was NOT an infant.

I was miffed for the rest of the night over that (and clearly I still am). Just like with Holden, I am not unaware that my kid is not the same size as other kids his age. I know he’s small- but he’s not THAT small! He does not look like a freaking BABY who isn’t even old enough to be walking!

The next person who asks me might find their answer in the form of my foot to their throat.
Leave my NOT-baby alone!

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