The defense rests, and drumroll please…

They gave us NOTHING!

Casey Anthony should be so lucky that I am not on her jury, because in my eyes, she is guiltier than sin.

I believe in the right to a fair trial, the right to representation, the right to defend yourself- but what did Casey Anthony’s defense do for her?
I hate to say it, but they’d have been best not to call ANY witnesses. There were enough holes in the prosecution’s case upon resting for at least one juror to find reasonable doubt. Now? They are at a worse standing than they were before they called anyone. Every witness they called was completely undone on prosecution.
They showed a grieving grandfather who clearly had nothing to do with Caylee’s death. They had Cindy completely perjur herself on the stand- and even if any juror believes that- it will be completely undone once her work records are shown on rebuttal tomorrow- which I think will leave the jury feeling duped and angry. They put premeditation back on the table.

What about Roy Kronk? Where was the proof he EVER moved the body? Where was the proof that he was anything other than a guy who tried to do the right thing but no one would listen to him?

What about sexual abuse? They didn’t even ASK Lee. They tried to pry it out of Cindy, but got brutally rebuffed.

They tried to say that people searched the area of Caylee’s remains the months prior to being found and she wasn’t there… but that didn’t work either. That area was under water, and even the SOB PI’s (who the jury will never get to hear the SHADY disgusting background on) tried to claim they searched that area… but they didn’t. They searched in an area where there was a toilet, and i’ve seen the discovery site- no toilet.

George Anthony had an affair. SO WHAT! What does that have to do with anything? The defense’s own grief expert said that people will try to find comfort in sex when they grieve. Isn’t that exactly what George did by falling into the arms of an opportunist who took advantage of his vulnerability?
And that grief expert… Two sheets to the wind.

And for their LAST witnesses, they once again called the Anthonys, who did nothing but show that wrapping animals in blankets and putting them in trash bags was a FAMILY tradition. Casey witnessed and helped with those burials. It didn’t point the finger at George- it just showed, to me- that Casey thought of Caylee as nothing more than a pet. She mimicked her family tradition, and it even showed that those cadaver dog hits in the back yard and the borrowing of the shovel by Casey, was her attempt at burying Caylee in the back yard like a dead animal.
Even weirder was the LONG list of dead animals coming from that house. Was Casey killing the pets, too? Was it practice? Killing animals is what sociopaths do. It’s how a lot of them turn into murderers later in life. And even if that didn’t happen- WHY would the defense put that into the jurors heads??

The one chance they had for Casey to tell “her story”, to make up ANYTHING to save herself, didn’t happen. She didn’t take the stand. Not that I think anyone would believe what she had to say anyways, but what did they have to lose?

“Follow the duct tape”- Follow it WHERE Baez? You proved it was in the Anthony household. George Anthony did not keep that tape under lock and key. ANYONE in that house had access to it. You basically put that duct tape in Casey’s hands. 

You didn’t want George Anthony’s suicide note in- you just wanted to imply that it showed he had GUILT. Too bad you opened the door and everyone got to read what would have been the last words of that man had law enforcement not intervened. And what did it say? It said he had NOTHING to do with it. It was full of questions. Why? Who? Why was Caylee so close to home? Who did this to her?
Those are not the words of a man who had anything to do with this, or who had any knowledge of what really happened to little Caylee Marie.

Casey Anthony’s own defense sunk her battleship. I would honestly be FLOORED if she got anything less than life in prison without parole.

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