The Cars 2 experience

I know Parker is a little young to have the attention span to sit through an entire movie in a theatre, but he’s loved Cars since he was able to show any kind of affection to anything- so when I knew the sequel to the movie was coming out, his age didn’t matter to me. I knew he had to see it.

Holden’s been to the movie theater 3 times already, and each time has done better than the last, so I knew he would be fine- but having two kids to wrangle, one who doesn’t like to sit still for ANY long period of time, was going to be a challenge to say the least.

Today was the day. I bought our tickets online early, so i’d been thinking about how it would go for a while now, and I can tell you I was NERVOUS. Would Parker totally freak out and have to be escorted from the theater, ruining the movie experience for either Thomas or I?

I figured our best bet to keep Parker happy would be to buy a huge tub of popcorn. The kid loves popcorn- and as long as he has something to eat that he likes, he usually sits pretty still.
My plan worked… for a while anyways. Parker ate more popcorn than i’ve ever seen anyone stuff into their face in a short period of time. He seemed to like the movie and what was going on- but really his interest was in the bucket of popcorn.

Once he got tired of the popcorn, things started to go downhill.
He didn’t want to sit, didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to watch. All he wanted to go was get down and run around. Luckily there was NO one sitting on the ground floor of the theater, so Thomas took him down there to get out some of his pent up energy.
I moved over next to Holden, and thank God, because the brat behind me had kicked my seat repeatedly for the past hour, whined, pulled my hair, the works. Holden was in a popcorn coma. Slumped in his seat, watching the movie intently. More intently than any other movie i’ve taken him to see.

We made it through the whole movie without any real freakouts or major meltdowns. I think we all ate way more popcorn than is reasonably acceptable. I think movie theater popcorn butter must have crack in it.

As far as the movie goes? Jury is still out for me. We all loved the original so much, and this was a FAR cry from it. It didn’t even seem like the same movie at all. Plus it was violent. Lots of talk of killing, lots of explosions- just strange.
Still I know we’ll end up having to buy the DVD, and i’ll have to watch it a hundred thousand more times, so i’d better learn to love it now.

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