Walking in a cloud of boogers

My allergies have been acting up so bad lately that I feel like my head is constantly swimming through a muddy gunky haze. I can’t sleep, if I do, I wake up and I can’t talk because my throat is killing me. My head hurts, i’m sleepy and groggy (and that’s without medication). I hack up things that look more like creatures from another planet instead of mucus (i’m not coughing, just clearing the snot out of my throat). I could hardly even talk for a full day thanks to the snot burning my throat up.
I hate pollen!

My brain just isn’t functioning correctly anymore with all this snot filling my head. I blow and blow my nose, and the stream is seemingly never ending..

I don’t know what I had in mind when starting this blog… probably nothing since there’s no space left over up there since the snot took over.

I know in the past Parker had some nasty allergies when the pollen count was high, but other than his weirdness lately, there’s no itchy watery eyes or sneezing or boogering like there used to be. Kid got lucky. Or maybe I got lucky…. or maybe both.
The situation would definitely be much worse if we were all snotting- ’cause the kids are driving me absolutely insane without the addition of boogers and eye crusties.

Yep… in a sleepy foggy haze, I can’t even make an attempt at being funny… which is sad because boogers can be a funny thing to write about, I just don’t have it in me. Well, I do… but… you know what I meant. Or do you? I’m not even sure anymore. I think I will go lay down now.

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