Wait, you said you WANT to go to the dentist?

I’d put it off for far too long, I know I have- and i’m not really even sure why… laziness? Procrastination? Fear?

Holden is nearly 4 years old now and had never been to the dentist. All the doctors recommendations says that children should go after they turn 1… or maybe it says BY the time they turn 1, I can’t remember which- but either way, I know it’s far past the point of when I should have taken the initiative and made the appointment.

It wasn’t until over the weekend and we were running errands around town, and happened to drive by the dentist that advertises on TV constantly (Kool Smiles) that Holden got it in his head that he absolutely HAD to go to the dentist. Immediately. No appointment, he wanted to walk right in. Why? I don’t know. He gets weird things in his head and insists on doing them all the time… but what kid WANTS to go to the dentist? Don’t kids hate the dentist? I know I did. I still do. I don’t like people rooting around in my mouth and telling me how fucked up my teeth are. It’s uncomfortable and painful, and I personally prefer to avoid it, even if I know I shouldn’t.

I promised him i’d make an appointment once Monday rolled around, it wasn’t good enough for him but he had to settle because honestly, what else could I do?

He’s been talking about it all week long, and the appointment finally rolled around today. Being that i’ve never taken a small child to the dentist, and I only have my own horrifying experiences of being held down for absolutely no reason by an evil nurse to go on, I was pretty terrified of how this would go. And not just for Holden, but for Parker as well, since we decided that because we’d already be there- we might as well make him an appointment to… and Parker, a boy after my own heart, also hates people rooting around in his mouth.

I’d promised Holden earlier, just for good measure, that if he was REALLY good at the dentist, i’d take him to Busch Gardens. Sure, we were already planning on going, but why not squeeze good behavior out of a child while i’m at it?

We pulled up to the dentist and Holden couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. “I SEE IT! IT’S RIGHT THERE! IT’S THE DENTIST!”

Kool Smiles is a place basically built for kids. A slide in the waiting room, Spongebob spackled all over the walls- the boys were in instant heaven.
After a billion pages of paperwork, one page which you checked a box either allowing them to restrain your child, or to put them into a contraption in order to restrain them… a little strange. I of course checked the first box, since I had to check one, but knowing that if anyone was going to hold my kids down, it was going to be me.

Now, I thought we’d do the kids check ups back to back. Focus on one, then go to the next… that way, if one lost their shit I could handle them, and not have to handle both losing their shit simultaneously. Maybe if the place weren’t empty it would have gone that way, but it was, so it didn’t. Two kids getting their teeth cleaned at once.
Holden was so excited that he honestly didn’t even need me. He was INTO it. Opened his mouth, got flossed, got cleaned, didn’t even notice I was there.
Parker on the other hand… as suspected, lost his shit. Not only was the hygienist a stranger, but a stranger trying to poke around in his mouth. At least the wide mouth screaming made the cleaning easy to accomplish.

Once that was done, the dentist came and took a look. Just a quick peek and a count at Parker’s teeth and he was cleared, but he spent a little more time in Holden’s mouth and then relayed something to be added to his chart.
I don’t understand medical terminology, but once explained in laymens terms, I found out Holden has a cross bite. I’d never noticed! Damn. he said it could correct, but if it didn’t, Holden would likely need a retainer around the age of 7. Sigh…
Parker has an overbite, which I already knew, but there’s nothing we can do about that for a long time either.

Funny thing is, the one thing I was concerned about, which is the HUGE gaps between Holden’s bottom teeth, turned out to be a GOOD thing. It means he won’t have crowding once his adult teeth come in.
AND, no cavities for either kid. Score!

Holden thanked the dentist and I swear he looked like he wanted to crap. He in return thanked Holden for being so polite, and said he was shocked at how well he did. Even more shocked when I told him HOLDEN was the one who insisted on coming.
“Now my teeth are happy!”

They got to pick out toys and then we were out the door, I was confused because I hadn’t had to pay any kind of copay… and it turns out- cleanings are free! Score again!

We have their appointment made for 6 months from now… hopefully the sheer terror Parker experienced will have worn off by then.
Guess I should go buy those Busch Gardens tickets now, huh?

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