Transition to the toddler bed, day 3

It hasn’t been bad, it hasn’t been good. The transition has fallen somewhere in the realm of in between.

I knew it wouldn’t be as easy of a switch as it was with Holden, who was obviously FAR too big and way too mature for a crib. From the first night on, he got in that thing and never got back up. Easiest. Transition. Ever.

Parker has not been as simple with ANYTHING we’ve tried to switch on him, so I knew going into this switch that it would be a fight.

As soon as we started putting the bed together, he was perplexed. Where is my crib going? What is this thing? I can climb in and out of it? Can I jump on the mattress?

From second ONE, he seems to have viewed his new toddler bed as more of a novelty than something to sleep on, and big brother is only fueling that fire. All day long after we put it together, against my admonitions, they both played in it all day.
I got the sinking feeling immediately that once night fell, getting him to actually settle down enough to close his eyes and fall asleep was going to be a battle of epic proportions.

He seemed pretty amped to lay down in the bed at first, but on night 1 he was up four times, charging into the living room, eyes wide, evil grin plastered on his face. Once he settled, FINALLY, he didn’t get up again. And at least there were no tears involved.
Night #2, he only got up once- it seemed like the initial excitement over the bed was finally wearing down… even though all day every day I have to yank both kids out of that bed because they just won’t stop playing in it. And they are NEVER happy when I end up having to yank them both out of Parker’s room, closing the door behind me. beds are not toys!!

Night #3? It’s only just past 9pm, and Parker has already been up 4 times. Each time more ecstatic than the last to be up and running away from me.

I don’t know what more the kid could want, really. Ive fed in to all of his stupid little obsessions. In his bed he has 4 things he is obsessed with, that no matter how hard I try, I can not break. He has the boppy. He has the tag on the boppy. He has his snuggle, and he has his thumb.
Talk about being an enabler.

This is going to be one bitch of a process!

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