Through the last of the evaluations

Two evaluations in one week! I am mentally exhausted.

After Monday’s physical therapy eval that didn’t give me much hope to go off of, I wasn’t sure what to make of the speech therapy evaluation bright and early this morning. Where would Parker rank? Would we actually be able to get him help? How far behind is he?

When both our case manager and the speech therapist were late- it seemed like somewhat of a bad omen. Leave it to me to be somewhat of a pessimist.

Once they both finally showed and we got down to business, it was hard to read how bad or good Parker was passing the tests. The therapists had toys and puzzles and books for Parker to look at and point things out she was asking him to. I know generally he is really good with puzzles, but he doesn’t like to do them on command. He strongly dislikes being treated like a puppet- so there were times when she was asking him to point things out that I KNEW on any other day he’d be able to, that he just wouldn’t for her.

I wasn’t all that sure how putting puzzles together had anything to do with speech- but I know he didn’t say a single word while she was here… which isn’t unusual, because he NEVER says any words, and that’s the main concern. He should have about a 15 word vocabulary right now, and he has 0.

When all of the tests were complete, it came down to decision time. In order to qualify for any kind of therapy, there has to be a 25% delay in any specific area. He was well behind that when it came to his eating.

According to the therapist, cognitively, Parker is well above the curve. He ‘ranks’ at 21 months. For speech? he is trailing behind at 15 months, and I think that was being somewhat generous, as most kids at 15 months are at least saying mama and dada, if not more, and Parker doesn’t even say that.
Parker is right on the 25% delay dot, so it was up to me whether or not to go ahead and make goals for him and bring in a speech therapist. Being that i’ve been working with him EVERY day, and we’ve had an OT working with him for 6 months or more, and he hasn’t said a single word the entire time- I jumped at it. Obviously what i’m doing isn’t helping, so there’s no way i’d ever turn away help from a professional if given the chance.

The problem is that NO speech therapists have any openings for a new kid right now. Not a single one, so who knows when we’d ever be able to get in. The plan, much to my dismay, is to begin phasing out of therapy with the OT we’ve gotten so used to, and by the end of June, she will be gone, and we’ll have a speech therapist come in and take over, not only for speech purposes, but for his eating as well.

It takes Parker a while to warm up to complete strangers, so I don’t know how it will fly to lose a therapist he loves and to have a new one come in.
I do wish we could get in earlier- by the end of June he’ll be 3 months from 2 years old and possibly will still have zero words in his vocabulary, and that is concerning to me.

Better late than never, right?

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