Taking it one step further

Parker’s nasty new habit of insisting to fall asleep on the couch on his boppy instead of in his crib continues. EVERY night for over a week now. Every night we attempt to convince him to go to sleep in his crib like he used to without a problem, and every night he freaks out until we relent and plop him on the couch.

Other than being confusing and frustrating, it’s been pretty simple. He’s asleep on the couch in under 30 minutes without a fight, and then gets moved to his crib without a problem. We don’t have any issues throughout the rest of the night, sleeps just like normal until morning when he’s up and ready to eat.

Last night, however, he took his new habit a step farther.

Thomas and I were up late. He was fiddling around on his phone and I was working on the Disney photobook that has been a serious process since I started it, and before we knew it, it was after 1am. Time for bed!

In the middle of washing my face, I heard some noises from Parker’s room. Thomas must have too because when I opened the bathroom door, he was opening Parker’s door (which is straight across the hallway). Parker was awake, unhappy, and standing in his crib. Perfect.
Even after being rocked for a while, he refused to go back to bed in his crib.
Wanting to avoid a late night meltdown that would inevitably wake Holden up and then we’d have two tired grumpy kids, I told Thomas just to put Parker into bed with me.

I have never coslept with Parker that I can recall. I’ve tried, but he’s always refused to just lay down and go to sleep in bed with Thomas and I. We used to with Holden ALL the time, but the older he got, the more restless he got, and I spent the majority of my nights in bed with him getting smacked in the head while he tossed and turned, so I wasn’t sure how this would go with Parker.

For the first 30 minutes, he just laid in bed next to me, staring at me… which in turn kept me awake. I can’t sleep with eyes burning through my eyelids. I must have dozed off, because when I woke back up, Thomas was carrying Parker back into his room. Two minutes later, they were back. Parker had yet again refused.

The rest of the night was a shitstorm. He is even more of a restless sleeper than Holden. He was rolling, turning, sitting up, laying down. On me, off of me, on Thomas, laying sideways. That combined with Thomas’ relentless snoring and I got ZERO sleep. Easily the worst night of sleep i’ve ever had. There was even one point in the night where I guess he had crawled on top of Thomas and passed out, and Thomas, being the HEAVIEST sleeper known to man, rolled over and flung the kid off of the bed and onto the ground. That was fun times all around.

I need a full night’s sleep, y’all! I am EXHAUSTED! I have no idea what’s going on with Parker, or why he’s doing the uncharacteristic things that he’s doing- but I PRAY it ends soon.
One can only handle so much snoring and face slapping.

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