The "special mickey" and mommy guilt

I’d saved up a good amount of money before leaving for Disney for spending purposes, and at the time I still wasn’t sure it would be enough to last us the entire trip. I knew I wanted to spoil the boys rotten and while it didn’t tickle me to know i’d be spending a ridiculous amount of money, I wasn’t sad about it either. The boys deserve to be spoiled every now and then.

Once we got to Disney and actually started spending, I was constantly reminded by Thomas to watch it, I was spending too much, just think of the bill, etc etc. Even though I wanted to go all out and get the kids everything they randomly grabbed off of shelves, the bug in my ear wouldn’t allow me to.

I didn’t really feel like I was buying that much. The big pain in our rears was just as I thought- gratuity. Every table service meal came out to be over $80, and while we didn’t have to pay for that, it was still suggested we tip 18%, which was somewhere in the 10-20 ballpark. It stung when on some days we were having 2 table service meals per day, and had to buy Parker’s milk out of pocket since according to Disney he isn’t a real person and couldn’t be on the dining plan.

It wasn’t until we checked out that we realized just how LITTLE we’d actually spent compared to what we thought we would. Only about 1/3 of what i’d saved. Which is great, I guess, but then the dreaded mommy guilt took hold. Maybe I should have bought them more. I saved the money just for them and I didn’t even spend it on them.
And then once we unpacked, I realized that while i’d bought Holden a bunch of stuff like a talking Nemo plush, a pirate sword and hook, pirate Mater, a dinosaur from the Animal Kingdom, etc.What did Parker get? A little plush Mickey he loves to snuggle because it was his favorite character and we call it his “special mickey.” I know he’s younger and he doesn’t really need or want for much, but I feel bad that I loaded Holden up and got Parker ONE thing (they both got the Mouse ears, but those don’t really count as toys.)

Of course, the one thing I got Parker was something I didn’t get Holden, and now Holden is begging for his own “special Mickey.” Sigh… so now I feel bad for not getting him a Mickey too. Who goes to Disney and doesn’t get their kid a Mickey? ME! That’s who! Damnit.
Now i’m considering going online and ordering Holden his own special Mickey and then telling him that I called Mickey and told him to send one just for him.
I’m usually not such a push over!

If I could go back and do it differently, i’d likely have told Thomas to shut it and bought the kids whatever they wanted and had to check an extra bag on the way home due to overflow. I’d also have gotten a caricature of the boys like i’d wanted, too. Curses.

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