Socks vs. bare feet

Taking the boys to Disney showed me even more just how different they both are. I’ve always known that they are very similar yet very different in a LOT of ways, but when you add excitement, heat, and lack of naps to the mix, the real animal comes out.

You would think a 3 year old who can do so much more and enjoy the entire experience more would have an easier go of things than a 1 year old who isn’t allowed to get out and walk on his own, or go on as many rides, or fully understand what’s going on around him… but that wasn’t the case with my kids. They both had a blast, but Holden had at least 2 meltdowns per day while Parker had zero. Totally calm and happy throughout the trip, even when all he wanted to do was stand up in the stroller.

Our biggest issue with both of them, and this may surprise you, was their shoes. Both of them were extremely adamant about what they wanted, and both of them wanted opposite things.

We brought both shoes and sandals for each of them, thinking sandals would be the best bet to keep them cool and because they didn’t have to walk as much so having comfortable walking shoes wasn’t a big deal, but neither of them were having anything to do with it.
Only ONE day could I convince Holden to wear sandals, and that was after a full 20+ minute meltdown about how he wanted to wear socks and I refused to let him. After that fight, I just gave up and let him wear shoes and socks for the rest of the trip… which looked absolutely ridiculous- but it’s Disney, it’s for kids, why not let him do what he wants and avoid the drama?

Parker can’t tell me no, so he didn’t wear socks the whole trip… so we stuck shoes and water shoes (which are more like sandals) on him each day without socks. Unlike Holden, he didn’t care. Why? Because he HATES socks. Every morning within two minutes of waking up, he pulls his socks off and is barefoot for the rest of the day. Put him in the car? He’ll yank his shoes and socks off.
At Disney it was a constant battle to keep shoes on him. He didn’t want them AT ALL. He wanted to be barefoot constantly. It must have been 30 times a day we were having to scold him for yanking off his shoes and throwing them, and then putting them back on, only to have him pull them off again. I seriously feared losing his shoes. If it hadn’t of been for getting in and out of the stroller every 5 minutes to do various things and to go on rides (you have to leave your stroller in a MASSIVE ‘stroller parking’ area, they have an employee at each one just to freaking re-arrange them! it’s that intense), i’d have left the kid barefoot every day… because shoving his sweaty little feet back into shoes repeatedly got highly annoying.

One kid who can’t live without socks, and one kid who can’t live with them.

It’s funny only because Parker is just like me, in that I HATE socks. I can’t even remember the last time I wore them. I’d be barefoot all the time if I could, and if it wouldn’t mangle my feet like a cavewoman… and Thomas wears socks constantly and hates being barefoot or wearing sandals.
Suppose we only have ourselves to blame in this instance.

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