My new ultimate nemesis: The boppy

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday. Blogger decided to basically completely crash and made it impossible for me to push anything through. Frustrating.
So here’s the blog that was meant to post yesterday evening:

I don’t know what it is about Parker… he doesn’t have a binky or a blanket that he latches on to like a lot of kids his age- so he picks the most random things to use as a “security blanket.”
I know the thumb and his stuffed animal are pretty normal, I even encouraged the stuffed animal flying back from Disney to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone on that flight. I’m working on removing the thumb from his daily routine, but that has caused some unexpected backlash.

Never did I think the kid would actually listen to me when I told him “no more thumb-sucking”, and not only that but take it EXTREMELY personally. What toddler listens like that? I wasn’t even mean about it. Just reminded him every time he popped that thing in his mouth during the day, during times where he should have been playing and not flopped over on the couch sucking his thumb, to stop. For Parker, it had the domino effect.

He was already pretty obsessed with his boppy. Recently he’d gone from just wanting it to veg out on randomly, to pulling it off the couch and carrying it to other rooms with him. Generally to follow me wherever I was sitting, throw it at me, and then plop his head down on it and begin sucking that thumb. The boppy is big and awkward, and as much as he wanted it everywhere with him, it really seemed to be way more of a hassle than it was worth- but he refused to give up!

And now since I told him that he can no longer suck his thumb, even though I ONLY meant to wean him off of sucking it during the day (one thing at a time, people!), once bed time rolled around- he had a full blown panic attack. Refused to be put in his crib. And if you know Parker, which you probably don’t, you know that crying in bed is NOT like him at all. Ever since he started sleeping through the night there has been less than a handful of times where he’s either not wanted to go to sleep immediately, or woken up crying. It is incredibly rare. You put him down, he goes to sleep; that’s the way it has always been.

To see a kid who is usually that good about going to bed completely lose it was confusing to me. Is it an issue with his stomach, since he’s been shitting so much lately? Is it teething? He does still need those 2 year molars.
He’s to the age where i’d typically just let him cry it out and soothe himself, he doesn’t need mommy to rock him anymore- but he worked himself up into an absolute frenzy so I couldn’t just leave him in his room.

Wanna guess where he insisted on sleeping? On the couch, on his boppy. Ugh. That damn thing. Ever since that first time it’s been the same thing EVERY night now. For 4 days, maybe more (i’ve lost track).
Thomas says we should put the boppy in his crib but I don’t want to encourage it more than we already are. It’s bad enough that he’s insisting on not falling asleep in his crib but on the boppy instead, putting that thing in his room for him to sleep on every night would make it IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of.

I don’t know what to do! I can’t have him retching all over his crib because he’s panicking so much… but I also don’t want him thinking that sleeping in the living room on his boppy is acceptable either.

I think I need to burn the stupid thing, before he decides to run away and marry it.

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