My feet and my wallet are going to hate me

I am trying to plan a day trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

I know, I KNOW. We just spent 6 days in DisneyWorld, haven’t we been to enough theme parks to last us a year? And honestly, the answer in MY mind is absolutely yes. As much as I love them, two kids in a crowded theme park is an exhausting task.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been promising Holden we would go since LAST year. I even got us free tickets to “Sesame Place”, or the forest of fun… or whatever it’s called, inside of Busch Gardens but after Parker got sick again, we decided not to use them. By the time he was feeling better, it was too cold out to go.

Holden’s been begging ever since then to go. Before we even left for Disney he said he’d rather go to Busch Gardens- but he usually says crap like that just to be an ass. His hobby is being contradictory. I thought he’d just forget about it, as he usually does with the snotty little things he says just for the sake of being snotty- but we got back from Disney, he saw a commercial, and he’s yet again been begging. EVERY day he begs to go now.

Usually i’d say no. I’m good at saying no. With how much we spent at Disney, and the inflation I was sure that had happened to Busch tickets since the last time i’d been 10 years ago, I knew there was no way I could justify spending so much more to visit yet ANOTHER theme park less than a month later.
And then I heard that tickets are currently buy one get one free, only until this weekend, and only for Virginia residents (we live less than 30 minutes from Busch). Hearing that, I knew it just wasn’t ever going to be a better deal than that- so Thomas and I started looking into pricing.

HOLY HELL. When did Busch Gardens become more expensive than going to freaking DISNEYWORLD? And WHY do they charge a 3 year old nearly full price admission? Out of control. I was flabbergasted. The last time I went to Busch Gardens, tickets were only $34 a piece from what I can remember. They are now $65 for adults, and $55 for children (and that price may only be temporary). Highway robbery! I think DIsney prices are a little steep, but it’s DISNEY. I knew Busch Gardens is a very pretty park, but not enough to be worth that kind of cost. Especially since they have a lot of the same rides that Disney does, only the height restriction is higher, meaning rides Holden could ride at Disney, he can’t ride at Busch. How’s that for some BS?

Even with the BOGO deal, we’d still end up paying $120, and that doesn’t include parking or food, or the stroller rental we’d have to get, which is another $16. I’ve looked into their meal plans.. also outrageous, even for just one day. Even if I packed our food and we ate in the picnic areas outside the park (as I used to do when I was little), it’s still a HUGE cost to have to consider.

I think I may have spoken too much about it to Holden. Once I say i’ll do something, I can’t take it back, or he’ll remember it FOREVER- and no WAY can we afford to go after this weekend. Tickets alone would be $185. I think I just gagged.

It’s about time for me to win the lottery.

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