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Since I got back from Disney I realize I haven’t really made mention of the book i’d been working so hard on up until that point. I’m still working on it, slowly… very slowly, but surely. With everything going on, the Disney photos and videos organization, and making the photo book (which took something like 2 weeks), Parker and his runny shits, the congestions, the evaluations and therapy sessions- it’s been hard to really sit down and be able to focus on the book because you really DO have to completely absorb yourself into it to do a decent job at editing. And if there’s one thing I don’t want- it’s for my very first book EVER about my life and my kids, to SUCK because I did a crappy job.

I guess in the act of full disclosure I should also admit that I have been sucked into the vortex that is TruTv (formerly Court TV) since the beginning of the Casey Anthony jury selection and have not been able to stop watching since. The whole thing is just such a trainwreck, I can’t look away! That definitely has been eating up a lot of time… not to mention killing my poor Plasma TV!

But even that is hard to pay attention to when the boys are at each others throats CONSTANTLY. Every day all day it seems like they’re fighting over something. Holden has something that Parker wants, Parker took something Holden was playing with- both are whining and screaming, but only one speaks english. It’s a frustrating situation to be stuck in the middle of… frustrating and the maker of intense headaches.

Man, what a life I lead! children fighting, book writing, court tv watching… THRILLING I TELL YOU!
Hopefully soon there will a book to release, at least that will be a little more interesting!

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