The Kids’ Rooms

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

When I started renovating my kids’ rooms I thought it was going to be a simple project. I figured I’d just slap some paint up on the walls, get a new bedspread for each of them and then be done with it…boy was I wrong! When I began on my son’s room he decided he no longer wanted a space theme, he wanted it to look like a campground. I got on our internet from Clearwirelessinternet.net and started researching ways to turn his bed into a tent – I must say it really does look incredible! Between that and the mural on the wall I think he’s really happy. My daughter’s room was a little easier since she didn’t need me to ! build anything, but we must have spent hours painting large vertical stripes on the wall in varying shades of purples. The whole thing turned out great though and I’m hoping it’s sophisticated enough to last her all the way to college. If it’s not, I’m sure not taking the time to change it all!

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