I think I left my kid at Disney

Because the one I brought home is DEFINITELY not the one I took with me. I have no idea what crawled up Parker’s ass and died, but I really wish he’d shit it out already. He’s not been the same since the morning he woke up here after coming home late Friday night. Nearly an instant change in him, and I have absolutely no idea why.

Ever since we came home all Parker has seemed to want to do is cry or sleep. And he’s not usually a crier or a sleeper. He can whine with the best of him but he hasn’t spent the majority of his days crying since he was a baby plagued by reflux. And he definitely isn’t the type of kid to just fall asleep anywhere. He won’t usually nap unless he’s put to sleep in someone’s arms. Multiple times throughout every day i’ll walk into a room and find him asleep on the couch or the floor during times where he’s never been tired before on any normal day, and when he falls asleep he is nearly impossible to wake up.

It’s all highly unusual. He doesn’t have a fever, no runny nose… I even shoved my fingers into his mouth to feel the back of his mouth where his 2 year molars will eventually be coming in (which he did not appreciate at all) because he’s been shoving his hands in his mouth a lot, and there’s nothing. No lumps or bumps or red swollen gums.
What in the world is the problem? It’s a complete mystery to me.

A few people mentioned that it could be a growth spurt… but i’m sure he’s had them before and has never acted like this. Then again, with all of his issues, maybe he hasn’t had a proper growth spurt and now he’s just catching up?

Maybe it’s Disney Disease.You take them once, and they love it so much that they scream until you finally give in and take them back. If that’s the case, i’m totally screwed, because I don’t think we’ll be going back for at least a year, probably more like 2… maybe even more. I don’t think I can handle 2 full years of screaming. 4 days worth of it has been enough to make me nearly lose my mind.

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  • if he’s impossible to wake up, that’s really not a good sign. I’d have him checked out with the dr just to be sure there’s nothing more serious wrong with him.