Heat wave!

I’ve been waiting for warm weather for what feels like FOREVER, and as Virginia weather tends to do- it snuck up on me.

It went from being nice outside, warm enough to let the boys play without sweating to death, to completely and utterly miserable. Unbearably hot and humid. You step outside and within minutes you’re covered in a sheet of swampy sticky disgusting sweat. Even the boob challenged me gets boob sweat in hot weather like this.

Why does Virginia have to be so damn humid? Dry heat I can handle, but the soupy mess that Virginia summers are is ridiculous. I have a feeling it’s going to be another one of those summers where it’s just so damn hot that the boys will be begging to play outside and i’ll have to tell them NO WAY because it’s just too hot to even handle.

It’s funny- we spent 6 days outdoors for 12 hours a day in 90+ heat in Florida with relatively no issues. Five minutes outdoors here, and both boys were bright red and sweating profusely. I fear going to Busch Gardens again this summer. It got close to unbearable while we were there last week and it’s only May. I can only imagine how ridiculous it’s going to be come July.
I guess it’s about time I clean out the nasty ass baby pool and plop the kids and maybe even myself in it. There’s no other way to be outdoors without dying from heat stroke anymore.

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