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Before we left for Disney, the only thing I was really nervous about was how the boys would do on the plane. Holden had been whining for about two weeks about how he didn’t want to go to Disney at all because he was too scared to fly on the plane.
Most people who have flown have been on a flight where there was a kid who screamed the entire time, I didn’t want that kid to be mine for our flight.

It was suggested that I give them benedryl before we left so they’d both sleep through the whole thing, but I knew it would be a long bus ride from the airport to the resort, and then a half day at the park immediately following so I didn’t want them to be horribly groggy and irritable for that- so I opted against dosing them.

One good thing was that our flight to Disney was a two hour nonstop flight, so if either of them acted out it wouldn’t be very long until the ordeal was over… but I was pleasantly surprised. Neither of them acted the slightest bit scared throughout the whole thing. They wanted to look out the window, and Parker got a little restless since he didn’t have his own seat- the scared one was me. It’s been a while since i’d flown so i’d forgotten just how much I HATE it. That weightless feeling where it seems like you’re just going to plummet out of the sky? Not a fan at all. Landing? Even less of a fan. I always get the sick feeling that we’re going to crash. It was not a fun flight for me at all.

The only real issue we had with either boy was all the cabin pressure changes. Holden couldn’t figure out how to pop his ears, and everything we tried to tell him to do(and the passengers around us attempted to help as well) he wasn’t having any part of. He cried and screamed from descent until landing.

The ride home did not go so smoothly. We’d thought we’d made a good choice by having a layover at dinner time so the boys could eat, but it meant two 1.5 hour flights- both of which they were exhausted and cranky for. Plus, since we didn’t have internet access while at Disney, we couldn’t do an early check in for the airline to pick our seats, so they literally sat every single one of us apart. Holden was supposed to sit alone in his own isle surrounded by strangers. That meant we had to beg and plead with strangers to move into seats they hadn’t chosen so we could all sit together. More stress!

Parker decided on the first flight to kick the person’s seat in front of him repeatedly, and Holden, who still wasn’t feeling well from his night and day of puking complained about being hungry the entire time but I couldn’t in good faith feed him if there was a chance he would start puking all over the place.

Luckily the second flight was much smoother. Even though they’d jerked us around on the times and delayed it, both boys slept the entire time.

All in all not too bad of an experience. It certainly beats driving 15 hours both ways.

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