Once I got through the painfully long process of sorting through the massive amount of photos we took at Disney and getting them uploaded to Facebook, I then started on our vacation photobook. I used the photos I uploaded to Facebook to narrow down the selection even more. I’d already chosen what I thought was the best, now I needed the BEST of the best, because no way in hell was 1k photos fitting in a photobook without costing a LARGE fortune. Plus I bought a back up photo album from DisneyWorld to put all the excess photos in. I think ahead!

After much debate I decided to go with a photobook from Disney’s Photo website itself, after looking around I couldn’t find any other photobook on the net that was Disney themed, and although this was more expensive, to me it was more worth it. How many times in your life are you going to have the chance to spend 6 days at DisneyWorld with kids young enough to still find the whole place absolutely magical? Those pictures are worth preserving in the best way possible!

I tried figuring out how many pages i’d need, but once I started the incredibly painstaking task of seeing just how many photos I WANTED to use, and just how crammed I was making the pages look by forcing too many photos onto them, I relaxed and just started going with the flow. I could always add more pages if need-be (and I knew they would be needed).

Well, after fighting with the stupid program for over a week now, I found myself last night going to add more pages (just so I didn’t run into a dead end and have to rearrange a page because I didn’t realize it was near the back… the program is weird) only to find that I could not. The program has been really laggy so I thought it was just an issue with that, but once I clicked the “add more pages” button a thousand times with no pages being added, my stomach sank. Quickly I went to the Disney FAQ page and sure enough, i’d reached the book limit.

Reached the book limit and still had over a day 1/2 left to put in the book, including lunch with Special Agent Oso and a big family dinner.
Like I said before, I wasn’t at the END, I was just adding so I could keep on moving through, but i’m close enough to the end to know that I don’t think I can make it all fit without making huge cuts.I have 9 pages left- which is NOT a lot when you have the amount of pictures I do.

I went through all the pictures I have left just to see what is left to put in the book other than the big stuff, just so I could reorganize my thoughts and see if I could condense certain things… and it’s going to be next to impossible. The program won’t let me go back and just remove one page, or add one page in, or move the pages a page back, or a page forward. When you add pages, they add to the end, and to the end only. No in between shit. And you can’t just add one, you have to add a “spread”, two pages. So unless I want to completely mess the thing up, or go back and start completely over- i’m screwed. And did I mention the photos Disney took of us expire 30 days after checkout? So i’ve been working on a strict timeline, and have no time to start from scratch. Super screwed.

I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!! Plus, Holden woke up screaming about an imaginary spider in his room for the thousandth time, which in turn woke Parker up, who then decided to yet again refuse to go back to sleep in his crib- and spent the rest of the night kicking me in the face. I am tired, and I am angry. Not a good combination.

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