The Busch Gardens run down

Since I have lived in the same place for basically all my life, a place that happens to be less than 30 minutes away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I have been more times than I can count. There were some summers where I went almost EVERY single day. Rain, shine, early late- it didn’t matter, that was the place I wanted to be.

Once I turned about 16, I stopped going completely. Yesterday was the first time i’ve been in probably over 10 years, and I have to say, other than the addition of an enormous amount of rollercoasters, it hasn’t really changed at all. I’m still bitter that they took away my favorite childhood ride for seemingly no reason (since there is nothing in its place now but empty pylons), but I can still find my way around without a map.

I didn’t remember there being SO many things for small kids to do, so I was pleasantly surprised when we made our way around the park and both Holden and Parker could ride at least one thing in every place.

I wasn’t too pleased with the Sesame Street forest of fun, though. Not that it wasn’t cool- but something strange happened to Holden between Disney and now that has made him hate absolutely EVERY ride that isn’t the most boring thing on earth. At Disney, he insisted on riding things that he probably shouldn’t have- and even though he screamed the entire way through them, he still wanted to ride more. At Busch? After the first ride in Elmo land where he acted like he was dying, he didn’t really want to ride ANYTHING else all day. He screamed so loud on rides that other little kids were turning around and staring, and I was getting odd looks from other parents because I just couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous Holden was acting to rides that were so simple compared to what he’d already been on.

He’s become a chicken!

Parker on the other hand, wanted to ride everything in Elmo land and unfortunately was too short for everything- what kind of crap is that? A place for kids that has rides kids can’t ride! The stuff in the rest of the park he was allowed on (that parents were NOT, which scared the crap out of me) he LOVED. No fear, no crying, just pure joy. That kid is going to be the rollercoaster riding thrill seeker of the family- and all along I thought for sure it would be Holden.

All in all we had a great time, and walking for just one day is NOTHING compared to 6 days straight at Disney in the Florida heat. I actually have found that I really enjoy walking for the whole day. At least I know i’m doing something good for my thighs and ass. Just wish I hadn’t been congested the entire time, booger city. The only bad parts were when Holden was playing in the Sesame Street splash pad and some brat smashed into him head first, causing Holden to smack his head on the ground so hard we were asked if he needed medical attention, it’s times like those I find it hard not to hate other peoples kids; and when we were in line for the last ride of the night for us, which has a height restriction of 42″, a restriction Holden was a good amount of above at Disney (and they checked him before every ride), and the reason he got to ride so many adult rides, when an attendant booted us out of line after 15 minutes of waiting because somehow at Busch, Holden is NOT 42″. Wtf? How can height measurements be an inch in difference, claiming to be the same? It doesn’t make sense to me- and Holden was not happy when we had to leave the line. Next time i’m putting lifts in his shoes, assholes.
Although Busch Gardens is a beautiful park with lots of trees and landscaping- I don’t think anything can come close to what Disney offers for sights and magic- BUT- Busch Gardens beats them in proximity, so i’ll stop hating now. We have summer passes, so i’m sure we’ll be going a hell of a lot more. First thing Holden said upon waking up this morning was that he wanted to go back.

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