Busch Gardens and a snotty nose

Tomorrow is the “big day”… if you can consider it that. Holden’s been looking forward to going to Busch Gardens since BEFORE we went to Disney, and tomorrow we’re finally going to make that dream come true for him, though I don’t think it will have anything on his Disney experience- i’m sure he’ll still have a fantastic time.

Last night we went to purchase our tickets online to get the B1G1 deal, and it was gone. Nowhere in sight! Panicked that we may have to pay full price for all three of us, Thomas called Busch today to find out WTF was going on- and the news actually turned out to be better than we thought.

Ever since Busch added Sesame Street to the park, all children under 5 get in free ALL summer long to the park. Crazy, right? Why would they even sell children’s tickets if that’s the case? Thomas and I could still purchase the B1G1 for ourselves, but as it turns out, if we just go ahead and buy 2 full priced tickets for ourselves instead, we can get passes for the entire summer for free. So we were considering for the B1G1 deal from the start to have to shell out around $110 for the 3 of us, now it looks like if we pay $120, we can ALL go as many times as we want during the summer for free. No more of this one day astronomical price crap.
I guess living in the state of VA has its perks (since the deal is only good for VA residents)!

The only problem lies in that I am clogged up by the booger devil, AND I just started my period. So i’m going to be snotting and bleeding and probably bloated and crampy all day tomorrow. Pretty shitty, but at least that won’t be our one shot to go.

Another day of a billion pictures! Wish my uterus luck, it might be a rough day.

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