The big switch

It’s come time, my friends. Time to suck it up and accept that my baby isn’t a baby anymore, even if in my heart he will ALWAYS be my baby, even if he acts like one most of the time- he isn’t one, and that’s become abundantly clear.

Sleeping for Parker has gotten worse and worse the older he gets. What with the random night waking, the refusal to sleep in his crib until we put his boppy in there with him, and now that we’ve finally got him sleeping in his crib- he wakes up earlier than ANY child should be waking. I am not a morning person, and I don’t think he is either- because he’s totally miserable waking up early. I don’t know why he does it, but i’ve begun to think that maybe he just doesn’t want to be sleeping in his crib anymore.

Holden got switched to a toddler bed at a much younger age than Parker is now, but he was also a much BIGGER and more mature kid than Parker is now.

Today at nap time, Parker did something he’s never done before; he insisted on sleeping in his crib. For his entire life, he’s only ever napped in his crib one time, and that didn’t go well. Every day he naps on the couch on me, or his boppy. That has been our somewhat peaceful existence- and I don’t really mind because I love cuddle time, and I know it won’t last forever.

I thought there would be absolutely no napping once he got into his crib today. I figured he’d just mess around, toss his ssnuggler out, and whine until I came to got him.
Much to my surprise, when I went to check on him, he was OUT COLD, and he stayed that way until LONG after he usually wakes up when he sleeps on the couch with me. I actually had to go and wake him up- and for ONCE, he woke up happy.

Independence: Bliss!

Yes, my friends, it is time to just let go and let him be a big boy. It’s time to pull the toddler bed out of storage, put that thing together, and plop his pointy ass in it.

I see it going one of two VERY different ways.

Either he’s going to absolutely love it and sleep better than he has in months (minus a few freak outs after falling out of bed repeatedly), or… it’s going to be the worst decision I ever made and he’s going to get out of bed, walk into our room, and whine all night every night until I relent and stick him back in a crib… or put up a guard so that the toddler bed basically acts like a ghetto crib.

Which way it will go? No one knows! Guess i’ll find out tomorrow.

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