Another reason to switch to store brand

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For over a year, i’ve posted blogs talking about how beneficial and safe it is to switch from “name brand” baby formula to “store brand” baby formula. The makers of name brand forumlas would like you to believe that their formula is a higher quality than store brand, and therefore you should always only buy their product- but it’s not true.

Over a year ago, PBM products (makers of Perrigo’s store brand infant formula) won a monumental lawsuit against Mead Johnson, the makers of Enfamil, for advertisements claiming as such. Unfortunately even with the lawsuit one, Mead Johnson continued the defamatory statements against PBM, and now, a U.S circuit court has upheld the $13.5 million dollar lawuit filed against Mead for false advertisement.


Store brand formula is SAFE! I’ve said it so many times and have no problem saying it again- and if my word isn’t enough, you can find more information in Business Week. Not only is it just as good as the name brands, but it’s a lot cheaper as well. So you’re doing something great for your baby, and saving yourself a small fortune in the process. What could be better than that?

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