The Yardsale: A strange beast

After much anticipation and preparation, today was our family yard sale.

I honestly had NO idea how it would go, but it wasn’t looking good after we put up our signs directing people toward our house and one sign magically disappeared, and then what was supposed to be light showers turned into a full on downpour- successfully melting the rest of the signs we’d posted into oblivion so that NO ONE who looked at them could tell what the hell they were saying. Very late last night we had to make all new signs and early this morning Thomas had to re-post them.

Story of my life- things I plan and hope will be good tend to get JINXED! I’m cursed I tell ya!

I just wasn’t sure anyone got to see the signs before the rain ruined them, so I didn’t know how many people would show- plus the forecast was crappy. It was supposed to be warm and sunny and turned out to be cold and overcast.
Oh, did I mention I started my dreaded period? I’d been waiting and waiting for it, since I once again lost track of when it was supposed to come (not that it ever comes at the same time)- Lo and Behold, started the day before… leaving me feeling like absolute shit.

Thomas offered to wake up early and set the whole thing up while I stayed inside and tried to sleep, and would then get up with the boys and feed them breakfast and all that fun stuff.
The yard sale wasn’t even scheduled to start until 8, but right after 7am I got a text from Thomas saying some old dude bought some Playstation games. What is it with old people not being able to read signs? Can’t argue with a couple of bucks I guess.

I was anxious about the whole thing after that and couldn’t sleep- and once the boys were up and breakfast was ready I could already see hoards of grandparents descending upon our yard from the window.
That was the trend of the day. One minute there was no one, and the next there were tons of people going through our things and asking about what the prices were, even though they were clearly marked.

The highlight was a woman having NO idea what a jumperoo was, even when we told her, and then commenting that the price we had marked on it was “too high.” How exactly can someone who has no idea what something is, say that the price marked is expensive? How would you know?? People are dumb.
There was one preggo who came just because of my Craigslist ad saying that I had maternity clothes to sell, and then buying EVERY shirt out there. Apparently Old Navy has stopped selling maternity here. I was just there last week and they had it- but whatever, it meant more money in my pocket!
People nearly fought over our baby prison. I should have marked that damn thing higher! It was out biggest seller of the day.

It’s strange to see what people do and don’t buy. The things I never thought in a million years would sell were the first things to go, while the things that I thought would be gone in the first wave of people didn’t sell at all.
Paper lanterns that we found in our bonus room when we moved in? Sold. A crappy lawnmower we decided to put out at the last second? sold. The stereo we found in the house when we moved in (yes, the morons before us left a LOT behind)? Sold. Old ass adults shoes? Gone. The trash bags of hand me down baby and toddler clothes we were given and just tossed in the yard? Sold. OVER the really nice name brand stuff I had out!

I’m baffled!

After around 11am, the constant flow of people slowed to nearly a halt. Almost no one came after that! With two kids I typically can’t ever get to yard sales at 8am, even with just Holden I had trouble getting up and out of the house that early- so i’m a late yard-saler. I expected other people to be the same. Nope!

We made a grand total of $193 today (not subtracting the cost of all the damn poster board we had to buy and the cost of the permit to even HAVE the damn thing). Not a grand slam, but pretty good. Even with ALL the stuff sold, it barely even made a dent in all the crap we had out… and we found even MORE that we could have sold, so after much debate we decided to go ahead and continue the yard sale until tomorrow. Which meant taping “SUNDAY” over the “SATURDAY” on the signs currently up.

Crossing my fingers we pull in the church crowd tomorrow and blow this shit out of the water! BUY MY CRAP!!!! BUY IT!!!!!

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