What a weekend!

Day 2 of yard sale weekend…let me just tell you how much it sucks to stay up really late working on things, only to have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn the next morning two days in a row to allow strangers to rummage through your stuff.
First day was rather cold and VERY overcast with tons of people and a good amount of money made. Today started off warmer than yesterday and a cloudless sky, but I don’t think anyone showed up for the first hour. We always get the people who you can tell are driving down your street for the sole purpose of checking out your yard sale, but instead of stopping and getting out of their car, they do the slow drive by, staring at what you have out- and then deciding it’s not worth looking at up close, so they speed away. Turds.

It took a long time to get any traffic, and when we finally did they were ALL hagglers. Every single person wanted money off of the prices listed- and by that point I knew that if I didn’t give in at least a little, the stuff would just end up back in our bonus room collecting dust for god knows how long.

We didn’t make nearly as much as yesterday, but we did ok. Money is money! It’s more than we had, so I really can’t complain.
Still, we have over half of the things left over that we wanted to sell, so it’s back to the drawing board on how to unload all of that.

I’m exhausted. And I wasn’t even outside all day for both days like Thomas was- his eyes are bloodshot.
I think i’ll be hitting the hay early tonight. Only 13 more days until Disney!

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