Tomorrow is Easter!

Ok, not technically, but tomorrow is OUR Easter. Since we leave for Disney on Easter Sunday, the family moved up the Easter get together and egg hunt to tomorrow.

Originally I didn’t think I was going to do the whole Easter basket deal. Parker is still so young that he won’t give a crap, and Holden has never had one before so he wouldn’t miss it if he didn’t get one… and I figured going to Disney on Easter would be a more than substantial Easter gift for them… but after going to Walgreens today to get candy to stuff eggs with for the hunt tomorrow and seeing just how excited the boys got over all the candy and decorations- it became clear that I HAD to make Easter baskets for them.

I’ve been trying to save ALL of our extra money for spending purposes at Disney, but after going to the hold store today to pawn off some old jewlery Thomas found in the bonus room given to me YEARS ago by an ex that we made $60 off of, it made it pretty easy to splurge a little on stupid little toys and eggs full of candy.
Gotta love baggage from the ex.
$35 later and they both have some pretty sweet Easter baskets to wake up to in the morning.

Now let’s just hope the round of tornadoes and torential downpours in the area doesn’t make the whole family hate me for raining out their already rescheduled Easter. Whoops.

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