And that means: That God it’s the Friday before Disney! SERIOUSLY! I am so ready for vacation it’s not even funny.

It’s been a long as week… hell, it’s been a long ass few YEARS. I’ve been excited for many-a Friday before this one, I love the weekend, but none quite as much as this one.
Finally, a vacation… Getting out of this black hole i’ll never been able to stay out of before (the city I live in). Dealing with the kids at Disney i’m sure is going to be a challenge in itself, but i’m hoping it’s more relaxing than stressful.

Tonight, though, I get to just relax. For the first time in about 4 months I really don’t have anything that important to do. Sure, there’s surveys, but I BS my way through those to begin with. For the past 4 months i’ve been doing nothing but writing and editing my book, and last night around 12:30, I FINISHED the damn thing! Well, finished the 2nd draft, but that’s very close to being done! At least until after Disney it is DONE and i’m not thinking about it anymore!

I’m gonna sit back, watch Supernatural, have a few drinks, and relax… because as much of a vaca as Disney is, i’m sure it’s going to feel more like i’ve run a marathon by the end of the week. And my neck is STILL friggin’ hurting, even with the fancy new pillow. I am now convinced my bed and my pillow were conspiring against me, and now that i’ve efficiently snuffed the pillow situation, the bed thinks it has to take matters into its own hands. Aren’t mattresses supposed to last something like 5+ years? How is it all the ones i’ve ever bought only last 3, and that’s pushing it!  My body may not be what it used to be, but I ain’t THAT fat!
That really just adds to the pooptacular week this one has been. Hurting neck, ridiculously hideous stye in my eye, a OT appointment that we came out of with news that Parker would be going under evals for Physical and Speech therapy when we get back from Disney, all the arguing, sassing and contradiction from Holden, and three little turds that can’t stop fighting over a stupid .99 cent plastic Spongebob wearing a bunny hat.

Yep… I may just not come back at all!

Now- i’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with the blog while i’m gone. My initial plan was to keep up with it, maybe not EVERY night while on vaca, but at least a few of the nights- but then I found out getting internet access in your room is $10 a day. Say WHAT? Preposterous!
I thought perhaps they had free wi-fi in the lobby, nope. $5 an HOUR. GAH KILL ME!
I begged around for an air-card, but either no one has one, or no one wants to loan me one. Mmhmm, i’m talkin’ bout you! (no, i’m not really, I have no idea) so I haven’t decided exactly what i’m going to do… I guess keep checking back! I’m sure I won’t be able to stay away long!

There will be one more blog tomorrow night for sure, after that i’ll try my best! I’m going to go rest this stupid neck now.

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