An update from Disney

I’m so exhausted that I feel like passing out currently, but I thought I would share a few thoughts on Disney thus far that i’ve learned in our short time here.

1. I take an outrageous amount of pictures, but when it comes to Disney it never seems like enough. Hate feeling like i’ve missed cool moments.

2. The animal kingdom lodge/jambo house where we’re staying is absolutely breathtaking. We have this huge room, but we’re probably never going to see much of it. The boys sleep in the living room, and sleeping seems to be all we do here. It is nice to come back and have all of our dishes washed for us- but I wish they’d stop making up the pull out couch. Pulling it BACK out after a long day, while it only takes a minute, turns out to be an exhausting process.

3. The Disney busing system isn’t nearly as bad as i’d read about on the internet. We’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a bus, two of the buses we’ve taken were completely empty other than us. The only reason it takes so long to get from one place to another is because Disney itself is SO damn huge. There are a few exceptions though. The buses are FREEZING, absolutely frigid. And when you walk on the bus out of 80-90 degree heat, it feels like an ice chest. We also had a driver tonight who loved to slam on his breaks CONSTANTLY. So hard that it sent some people flying a few times. Dangerous when you have kids and babies who are usually in car seats sitting on a hard plastic bus bench without any restraints.

4. It’s weird to be in a place in America, and be completely surrounded by people who don’t speak English. Disney is a huge mish mosh of people all around the world, even the workers. At one point today waiting in line there wasn’t a single person in the near vicinity who spoke english. It’s kind of cool, but not so much when you have a 10 year old Spanish girl yelling at your 3 year old in words you can’t understand.

5. Renting a double stroller from an outside company was the best decision I ever made. I’ve seen the Disney strollers. Yikes. Ours is a huge monstrosity, but it moves fast and without much effort, it’s comfortable for the boys- and we can take it outside the park. Huge help at the end of the day when everyone is exhausted and the last thing you want to be doing is carrying your whiny tired child because Disney makes you turn in your rental at the end of the day. We just keep on movin’. Plus the one we got folds up in one swift movement.

6. Everyone warned me about going to Disney in April. It would be crowded, it would be hot, the lines would be long, etc etc. It is pretty crowded, and it’s pretty hot- but nothing near what I expected. It’s only hot in the middle of the day and there are plenty of things to do indoors to get out of the heat. The lines get long during that time, too. We got to the Magic Kingdom this morning right after it opened and the boys got to ride absolutely ALL of the little kid rides well before lunch. With little to no wait at all. The longest wait I saw all day even on the most popular rides was 60 minutes. We used fast-pass for those.

7. One of our fast pass uses happened to be Holden’s first rollercoaster. He kept saying he wanted to ride one, so I decided to push the issue to make it happen because I LOVE rollercoasters and it’s been far too long since i’ve ridden one. He rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I have no idea if he loved it or not, but he was smiling for most of it… and I filmed the whole thing. He was actually more scared of the rollercoaster than the plane ride here- which was fine other than the ear popping dilemma. Disney also has this lovely little rule they call the “kid swap”- where if you have a younger kid who can’t ride and both parents want to go but can’t leave the little one with anyone else, you can swap off riding the ride with your older kid, which also means the older kid gets to ride twice and only wait once. Awesome. Holden got to go on the coaster a second time… only it didn’t go so successfully. According to Thomas he screamed the entire time like he was dying.

8. I hate my skin. Somehow I forgot the big tube of SPF 50 sunblock at home and we got stuck today with 30. Even with multiple reapplications, at the end of the day I found myself red as a lobster… on my LOWER arms. I’ve never burned my lower arms. Sigh. Now i’m going to look like the moron tourist who forgot to wear sunscreen for the rest of the week unless I can find some miracle cure to make this go away overnight.

9. The meal plan is outrageous. SO MUCH FOOD. I don’t know why they give ONE person SO MUCH TO EAT. Who, in their right mind, would be able to eat FOUR pieces of fried chicken (breast, thigh, wing, leg), a huge pile of mashed potatoes, a huge pile of greens, and a dessert? We have 4 desserts in our fridge right now because we just couldn’t stomach eating ANY more. And the funniest part is, we thought we had the even bigger meal plan, which also includes an appetizer with every meal. Ugh, can you imagine? I’m going to blow up like a friggin’ balloon. So by the end of the week i’ll be the FAT red tourist. Awesome. Even though all of our meals are free, what I didn’t take into account is the gratuity. Holy hell. And Disney food ain’t cheap. Even fast food for 3 people comes out to $36. That we didn’t have to tip for, but tonight’s dinner which was table service, for THREE people was $98. OUCH. If you don’t want to be a shitty tipper, it comes out to at least a $16 tip. That crap’s gonna add up.

That and all the souveneirs I just can’t help but to buy. We’re only on day 2, I can’t imagine how much more i’ll spend. Tomorrow we’re hitting the Magic Kingdom again just to finish up what we didn’t get to today, and then in the days following we’re doing the Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and then Hollywood Studios again.
I’m glad we’re getting home on a Friday… I’m going to need the entire weekend to recover… and upload what will probably be 1500 photos.

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