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My editor, she sure is an evil bitch! All it is with her is deadlines deadlines deadlines! Hurry up! You’re slacking off! I want that second draft on my desk YESTERDAY!

In reality, the bitch editor is me. Since I don’t have a real one to keep me motivated, I have to be even harder on myself  than I imagine an actual one would be. Otherwise, I know me, i’ll slack off, procrastinate, put it off, and NOTHING will ever get done.

I am bound and damn determined to get the second draft done by the time we leave for Disney. That gives me less than two weeks.
In the hard copy, I have edited up to page 229, which leaves only 55 pages left to edit. What i’ve actually transcribed into the file that will soon be known as “Draft 2” is only up to page 214. It doesn’t sound like much farther behind, and transcribing SHOULD be easy- but I find that when I go and put my hard edits into the book, I end up double editing just to make sure everything makes sense, sounds good, and has proper grammar. It’s a serious bitch, and it takes FOREVER!

I can easily hard copy edit 20 pages or more in a day, but I seem to only be able to get 10 pages transcribed at night no matter how hard I try or how late I stay up. It starts to fry my brain and I just can’t handle doing anymore.

Still, i’m thinking if I really put my nose to the grindstone, I can have this thing pounded out- and then I can go on vacation and RELAX and not have to think about the 15-20 pages I have to finish when I get home. Would be even worse if it were only something like 5 pages. Talk about annoying.

The hold up really seems to be that I am in THE hardest part of the book to write- probably the best to read- but hardest to edit. So much to say, but it has to be perfect. It has a specific point to get across- and I want it to get across the exact way I want it to- which has meant a total overhaul. You should see the damage done to the hard copy. It’s a mess. There’s so much written in the margins I have trouble making it all out.

Once I get past this damn chapter and am reasonably satisfied (because i’m positive it’s going to get torn up in the 2nd draft edit as well), it will be smooth sailing! Or… I hope so. There were other chapters I thought were good that I ended up completely re-working. Ugh.

Y’know, i’d really hoped to have cut some pages out while editing. I cut blog after blog to make the point more concise… trimming the fat. What wasn’t needed had to go. STILL, even with all of the pages cut I still find the file 13 pages longer than hard copy. I have no idea how it happened but it’s making me crazy.
I think there will be more fat trimming to come. Sigh… my work is never done!!

The closer it gets (even though the finish line is a WAYS off), I get more and more excited about releasing the book. Not excited about the psychos i’ve written about that i’m sure will have something to say about it, but excited nonetheless. It’s a big accomplishment for me, and because i’m self publishing (in hopes of getting a bigger deal down the line) i’m really going to be relying on everyone reading this blog to help spread the word.
Pass on my URL, follow the blog on Twitter (@Holdin_Holden), tell your friends to buy the book when it comes out (whenever that may be). It all helps!
Let’s just hope the book doesn’t suck. That would be bad.

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  • I love your gift of writing and the fact that you’re the Sara Connor of bug and vermin killing. I’m preparing to do battle myself with some creepy crawlers that have invested my garage. Those narrates have started breeding so me and my trusted friend Raid are going on a killing spree. Thank you for the inspiration I’m even more determined to be beetle free!!!