Over the past few months i’ve found myself getting really jealous of Moms with kids Holden’s age who constantly talk about the weird dreams their little one has. Their kid goes into massive detail, such specifics that the kid swears it must be real. Holden doesn’t do that. Holden’s never done that! I don’t even know if Holden has EVER had a dream!

I once tried suggesting to him that if he took a nap, maybe he could have a dream about Lightning McQueen or candy. This was probably a year ago. Ever since then, any time I ask him if he had a dream, he responds “Yes! About Lightning McQueen and candy!”
I know my powers of suggestion are strong…. but they aren’t that strong!

When Holden’s woken up in the middle of the night in hysterics, you can’t get anything out of him.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”
Thanks, that helps a lot.

The past few nights and naps have been a different story altogether. He’s woken up EVERY night, sometimes multiple times, and woken up during naps. Every single time saying the same exact thing.
“There’s a bug in my window!”
And this can’t just be ANY bug, it has to be some kind of mutant monster bug, because he’s lost his shit every single time and had to come into our bed. Which means I get no sleep at all, or wake up with the sorest shoulder you can imagine and walk around like f’in Quasimodo all day long.

He’s definitely not seeing a real bug. Each time he wakes up screaming and yelping about the stupid thing I check his window. No bug. No bug anywhere. He claimed to have killed it yesterday during nap time. I didn’t find a dead bug either.

Last night when he woke up, twice, he decided to switch it up on me.
I heard lights and a fire truck and blinking!”, and a couple of other things that made no sense when string together in that thought. I kept trying to tell him it was all in his head but he wouldn’t hear ANY of it. I don’t think he understands that he’s dreaming, if that is what he’s doing. It’s quite possible that because he’s going through a very annoying “I wanna be just like the baby!” stage, that he’s just making shit up for attention.

Sigh… I’m so tired!
And if I hear ONE MORE THING about that damn bug I swear I might lose the little shred of mind I have left.

Tonight will be spent organizing and marking things for the yard sale tomorrow… which hopefully people will come to. Thomas put up signs all around our general area this morning, but they’re calling for rain- and of course my thick ass permanent sharpie ran out on the FIRST sign and I had to use washable markers from Holden’s craft kit after that. Just my luck. I am also just waiting for a cop to pull up to my house and slap me with a ticket for putting said signs up…. no idea if it’s legal. Just because i’ve seen other people do it, doesn’t mean it is!

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