My least favorite milestone of all

The first haircut.

Some parents look forward to their kid’s first haircut. Some huge stepping stone into childhood from infanthood. my baby isn’t a baby! Look how grown up he/she is! Once you cut off that wiry, slightly curly, extra fine baby hair- it’s almost as if your child is a whole new person. Makeover: toddler style.

I’m not a fan of baby’s first haircut, and that all started with Holden and his misshapen head. It took him SO long to grow hair beyond the patchy awkward baby hair that once he finally did grow something resembling a full head of hair I didn’t want to let it go. Plus I feared that cutting any length off would reveal just how flat his poor head is. It’s likely the main reason I keep his hair so long now.

Parker doesn’t have that problem- his head is VERY round. I don’t have to worry about cutting it off and it looking awkward- but it’s taken forever to grow out… and it hasn’t exactly grown out evenly.
He still has hardly any hair on the sides of his head where his sideburns would be. Instead it’s VERY long on top and in the front, and even longer in the back. He’s rocking the new style I like to call Mohawk-Mudflap, a style I don’t think will ever catch on… I sure hope not. It’s not cute. It needs a trim, badly.

To buck my non-sentimental trend, I do want to keep the hair from his first haircut… but being that there are only two small sections that are in need of a trim- there will be hardly anything to collect and keep. What’s the point of a first haircut if there’s no hair to hold onto and make a creepy hair doll out of?
I want a good couple of locks in order to take the plunge and put a pair of scissors to the kid’s head. Something to remember the occasion by. A couple of wiry strands ain’t gonna do it! But I don’t think I can let his Mohawk-Mudflap get any longer because it’s already looking pretty damn ridiculous.

What to do??

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