The king of contradiction

The ‘tude has hit an all time high. For once, I really wasn’t sure Holden could get any sassier but as he tends to do- he surprised me. This house is EXPLODING with sass, and most days I feel like i’m going to go insane trying to deal with his snarky back-talking little mouth. Now I know why my mom was always so damn angry, I was one sassy little brat- suppose what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree is not so far off in this case.

I swear it’s like every single thing I say to Holden is met with attitude. Everything HE says, he ends up contradicting multiple times. He refuses to ever agree with me, or agree with himself. Can’t make up his damn mind, it’s absolutely infuriating!

The only thing that works is using reverse psychology, but now he goes back on what he says so many times that it’s hard not to get confused and really really angry. He’s like talking to a rubber wall, EVERYTHING bounces back.

“Holden, what do you want for dinner?”
“I don’t want dinner, I wanna sit here and STARVE!”
“Ok fine, starve then”
“But I want dinner!”
“Ok, what do you want?”
“I don’t want ANYTHING!”
“Fine. You’re not getting dinner”

Round and round it goes, where it stops? Nobody knows! I want to tear my hair out just trying to get a straight answer out of the kid.
You give him a choice, he chooses, then you give it to him and he SPAZZES because he wants the other one. Give him the other one and he’ll spazz about having the first one back. AHHHHH!

As angry as I get, i’ve told Thomas multiple times not to give in. Holden needs to learn to say what he wants the FIRST time and to STOP CHANGING HIS MIND. Let him live with the consequences if he doesn’t like what he asked for. Thomas can only handle about 2 minutes of incessant whining before he reverts back into a baby himself, bitches and moans for another 2 minutes about the bitching and moaning, and then gives in to Holden’s demands. Most nights I feel like I have three babies in the house instead of two, and for some reason the oldest is always the whiniest of all.
And i’m sure i’lll hear more whining about writing those last two sentences  
“Why do you always have to say bad things about me??”– but hey, I speak the truth, and if you don’t want it spoken, don’t do what i’m speakin’ the truth about!
That was a mouthful.

A mute button would really come in handy sometimes, don’t you think?
Back to the original topic- how in the hell do I get Holden to stop being so contradictory? It’s maddening!!  Bratty I can handle, but this takes it to a whole new level.

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