Hopes dashed, or not far to go now?

My ultimate goal before Disney was to finish the 2nd draft of the book. Then I could go on vacation and actually have it BE vacation without thinking about how I just should have pushed a little harder to finish before we left.

At the pace I was moving at, it was looking hard- but like it could actually be done. It would be a photo finish for sure.
And then I hurt my neck, and the neck hurting didn’t seem to want to leave me alone. Not able to look down or really in any direction for more than a few seconds- how could I edit the book? I lost an entire night of editing thanks to that- and was in too much pain the next night to get as much done as I would have liked.

It put me REALLY far behind. So far behind that getting this draft done before Disney is going to take a freakin’ miracle (or a couple of REALLY late nights) to pound out.
Or is it?
I realized today as I was editing by hand and flipping through the pages, that I had come to the end of the part of the book that had been stressing me out for so long (and which took over a week just to edit by hand). That was the hurdle to jump- the one chapter in the entire book that I knew was going to take me FOREVER-
 and it’s done (and I was only 2 pages behind in file last night)
The hard part is over! I always thought once that section of the book was complete, the rest would be smooth sailing. Not nearly as tedious, not needing as many re-writes and thesaurus checks. Just simple. It’s the end of the book, the fun part of the book. No more pressure about telling a story, just wrapping it up.
It’s 40 pages or so, and that seems like a lot, but it’s 40 pages of easy reading.
Now the question remains: Can I get 40 pages done in 6 days?

That, I really have no idea of! On a REALLY good night( a weekend where i can stay up as late as I want), I can typically get through about 20 pages if I work diligently, but the only weekend night I have is the night before we leave and i’m definitely not staying up late to finish then. I’ll have too many other things i’m sure i’ll be scrambling around to make sure we don’t forget.
I guess when you think about it like that, it’s really 40 pages in 5 days. Yikes. Wish me luck! Back to editing I go.

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