Hello Deadline, I see Disney’s not far behind you

Tonight is the official deadline I gave myself to finish the 2nd draft of the book before I knew I had to throw in the towel and focus more on getting prepared to leave for Disney on Sunday morning.
I made the executive decision a few days ago to go ahead and cut the paranormal blogs out of the book, not an easy decision to make because I love them so much- but once I realized that editing didn’t take pages AWAY from the total, but instead ADDED, I knew I needed to make some room… and those fit with the “story” the least, so they had to go. Though I suppose I shouldn’t fret, because I already started a 2nd book based solely on my paranormal experiences. All is not lost.
Without that huge cut (i’d say about 20 pages worth), there is absolutely NO way I would have been able to meet my personal deadline. No way in hell! Even with those pages gone, I have stayed up SUPER late the past 2 nights working on the book, and I still have 7 pages left to edit tonight. I should be able to knock that out no problem. WHEW.
Once that’s done it’s going to be like a HUGE weight has instantly been lifted off of my shoulders. I’ve been pressuring myself to get this thing done since I started it, because I know just how much i’ll procrastinate if I don’t crack a whip on my own back. For four months i’ve spent over an hour every day, and HOURS at night working on the book… and tonight, i’ll be done!
Ok, wait, I won’t be done. I have another series of edits to do, but really editing the 2nd draft is going to be more of a read through and cleaning things up than the complete overhaul I just did.
So yes, there is more work, but it’s easy work. No more pressure! Not until i’m trying to get the book published… Ugh. ANYWAYS, no more work until after Disney once I finish these 7 pages…
and lemme tell you, we have a LOT to do!

We still have to decide what clothes to bring and how much, since we do have a washed & dryer in our room but who knows what kind of chance we’ll get to use them. We have to stock up on baby food and baby snacks (even though Parker went all day yesterday without cracking open a jar of baby food because he ate enough of the real stuff). I still have to FULLY wean Parker from bottles, which i’m positive he won’t give a crap about, but i’m having a hard time letting go of, not because I like them (I hate them!), but because I ALWAYS worry about his weight. Sigh… Gotta take the plunge, i’ve got what? 3 days? and I am NOT bringing bottles to Disney. no way.
We have to go and buy alcohol to pack, because I ain’t buyin’ it there. Whoa expensive! Have to remember all of our documentation, special luggage tags. It’s overwhelming the amount of crap we’re going to have to bring with us… and it sucks that we now have to pay for EVERY bag we check. No more free checked bags. Sigh. I think if we tried REALLY hard we could fit everything into one suitcase, BUT, with the amount of souvenirs and other things we’ll be bringing back, I don’t think just taking one suitcase would be wise. We’d end up having to SHIP everything we buy back to us… hell, we still might end up having to do that.

Reminds me, I still have to try and make as much money as possible so I can carry out my plan to spoil the kids rotten (WITHIN REASON!)… which also reminds me that a certain paid blogging website owes me $30. Grrrr.

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  • My husband and I have been in Florida since Tuesday just the two of us before he deploys and we have spent an OBSCENE amount of money.

  • yes it is VERY expensive! It’s why i’m thankful we’re staying on site, no transportation needed, and have the dining plan. Even with all of that, I fear expenditure!