Going out with a bang

We’re back from Disney! And relatively in one piece.

The whole trip went pretty smoothly. There were of course the random meltdowns for no reason, which was to be expected, but I think the boys had a good time.

Toward the end was a whole other story though.
On Thursday, our second to last day,we had planned to go to Epcot since we hadn’t been yet, and Friday, our last day we’d go back to Hollywood Studios to see the car stunt show we’d missed by 10 minutes the last time, and to have lunch with Oso before we left for the airport to come back home.

Thursday just so happened to be THE hottest day yet. So hot that my hair matted into a clump within the first hour of being in the park. So hot that I was drenched in sweat.
I’d already gotten a pretty bad sunburn on the second day of being there, but it had gotten a lot better by Thursday.The heat that day? I started breaking out in what looked like a nasty sunburn at first but quickly started rising and turning into bright red patches on my arms, chest, and legs, and then started to swell and itch. I knew then that it was some sort of strange allergic reaction. Sunburn is nothing new to me, this was definitely something different, and it was miserable.

That night we went out to dinner with my family at the Polynesian resort. Everyone had a great time and the food was delicious, and once we got back to our resort and got the kids in bed my cousin and her daughter came to sit with the boys while Thomas and I FINALLY got a night to ourselves (the first since January of 08) in the park.

I tried to have a good time, but the pain in my feet and ankles from the rash was almost too much to bear and I found myself fading fast. After two rides, I threw in the towel and we took a bus ride back to our resort to hit the hay before our last day.
When we walked in the door, we caught my cousin in the kitchen.
“Don’t get too excited yet”
What she meant by that was that Holden had woken up and soaked himself in vomit. All over the pull out bed, all over himself and caked into his hair, it was disgusting.
 each time he woke up multiple times to puke- and each time he woke up multiple times to puke- and each time he woke up, he woke up Parker too. It was a long night.

We had planned to wake up super early to get in on the morning magic hours before the lunch with Oso the next morning, but after the long night and then the next morning of puking, we decided against it. Plus I started feeling nasty too. Food poisoning. Holden at off of my plate the night before at the Polynesian, no one else was sick but us- it seemed to fit. I called down to the front desk to complain and to inform them of the puke bomb that hit out room, and all I got was “oh, ok, i’ll tell room service. have a magical day”
Why thank you! I sure will have a MAGICAL day after your food made me and my kid sick and could possibly ruin the ONE thing he’s been looking forward to! THANKS A LOT!

 We hung around the hotel trying to make sure that both Holden and I could make it out of the room without getting sick. Holden still wasn’t feeling good and neither was I, but there was NO way he was missing lunch with Oso. He’d been looking forward to it for months. Puke or no puke, it was gonna happen. So we left the room and made our way to the park.

Since we’d gotten there so late, we had to make a mad dash to the back of Hollywood studios to catch the car show (the last one before our flight). As soon as we got there, Holden started to cry… and then puked ALL over himself, all over the rental stroller, splashing the ground and my legs. Awesome.

We had no idea what to do so we called over the Disney maintenance crew who walkied in a bunch more people to help us get Holden cleaned up. Lo and behold, they cleaned him and the stroller up and bought him an entire new outfit to wear. That outfit must have cost $70. Made up for the front desk being a bitch about Disney food making us sick. We even made it into the car show, albeit a little late- and the lunch with Oso was amazing. I found out the rash on my body that had now morphed to look like leprosy was a reaction to the heat blazing off of the concrete. Painful and hideous can not come close to describing.

Once we finished all that, we made it to the airport, caught out first flight no problem and then made it to our lay over in Atlanta where we attempted to stomach some extremely over priced shitty airport food.
The next flight? Delayed. Then delayed again. This was a problem, seeing as we had two exhausted kids, one sick, and the flight was originally scheduled to arrive at home at 11:06pm. Ugh. Then suddenly, the flight was on time again… and then delayed once more. I wanted to die. I could hardly keep my eyes open, and Parker had passed out while waiting.

Once we finally got on the flight and took off, Holden fell asleep in my lap, and we made it home around midnight. Holden went to bed without changing his clothes, and Parker was right after- with me following shortly behind. I was SO tired i’d hoped we’d all sleep a really long time and wake up refreshed,but instead we were woken up by Holden, yet again covered in puke. GAH!
Parker spent the whole day either sleeping or screaming, and I spent the whole day scratching.

It’s going to take much longer to get used to being home than it took to being at Disney.

I’d tell you all about our trip now, but it’s going to take WAY more than one blog to relay all the funny stories,so I thought i’d make it into a series of sorts.
I also have about 2k pictures and videos to go through… and 100 surveys to catch up on. ACK!

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