Disney Blog part 2: Meeting Mickey

One of the most exciting things to be besides just being at DisneyWorld itself is the boys getting to meet all of the Disney characters. There’s really nowhere else you can see them all in one place, if at all.
They are Disney kids, that’s for sure. We don’t really watch much of any other kids programming other than Disney programming in the mornings. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and on occasion Handy Manny… and of course all of the Pixar characters. Both boys know them ALL, very very well.
Holden’s favorite saying is “What’s the big idea??” which he got from Donald.

I knew Holden would love meeting all the characters, he grew out of his fear of people in large costumes a long time ago. Santa is another story. Parker, however, has always been absolutely TERRIFIED of costumed characters. Screaming hysterically, red faced, running away, burying his face. I had no idea how he would do but I was hoping for the best.

One of the first things we did upon arriving to Disney on Sunday afternoon was to go to Hollywood studios, and we just so happened to walk into a building where there were at least 7 characters standing in their own special areas with lines of kids waiting to meet them. The one we chose to meet (since we had limited time before the next Disney Junior LIVE! show started) was Mickey from Fantasmic (blue wizard hat). There was a pretty long line, 15-20 minutes.
Parker saw Mickey and went into meltdown mode, but I couldn’t really tell if it was because he was scared or because he actually wanted to see him. For once it was hard to tell the difference. He got so upset that Thomas had to take him out of line until it was our turn.

Once we finally got to the front of the line and Thomas brought him back, he got so antsy that he had to be put down… and much to my extreme shock he ran straight into Mickey’s arms. I have NEVER seen anything like it! I think I may have gotten a little choked up, but I cannot confirm or deny that. I’ve honestly never seen him so excited about anything in his life. He was in love. He hugged and snuggled Mickey, and we got some AMAZING photos that I can’t wait to share (but my phone bill would eat me alive if I attempted to upload photos using it’s WiFi).

Since then we’ve met all kinds of characters. Donald, Handy Manny, one of the obsolete little Einsteins characters, and a few others I can’t remember. We would have gotten them to meet WWoody & Jessie but I couldn’t see waiting an hour in the blistering heat to make that happen. None of them ever garnered the same reaction Mickey got.

Today on our way out of the Magic Kingdom, we happened to stop by this little-known theater at the very front for a “backstage meet & greet with Mickey.” I had no idea what it would be like, but it turned out to be a private personal meeting with Mickey and Minnie, and if you’ve been to Disney you know that usually anywhere Mickey is, there’s a mob scene around him. This had a 5 minute wait.
Both boys FLIPPED.
“It’s MICKEY!!!!”
Holden had a 4 minute long conversation with Minnie (the characters stay silent and communicate through gestures)

about her dress and his pirate sword while she showered him with kisses. Parker was a little apprehensive but eventually let her snuggle all over him too. More amazing photos! AND I have it all on video.

Things they were not fans of today? The Haunted Mansion (Parker fell asleep, Holden whined that he was scared), and Pirates of the Caribbean (both scared). They did, however, love Aladdin’s magic carpet ride. We rode it 3 times.

Tomorrow is another VERY early morning. We’ll be taking advantage of the Morning Magic hour and heading to the

Animal Kingdom to get our Safari on.

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