Dieting for Disney

Does it sound completely insane to go on a diet before a vacation? In my adult life, this will be the first real vacation i’ve ever taken- so i’m a little clueless as to protocol.

Do people usually bust their asses so that they can relax even more while they’re out of town?

I’ve been dieting for… not even I can remember how long anymore, and haven’t honestly seen much of a change in a VERY long time. Fluffy, jiggly, flabby, whatever you wanna call it- that’s what I am, and it pisses me off. I work out 5 days a week (assuming my pillow doesn’t try to kill me by throwing my neck out) and try to eat as healthy as I can, and i’m just not losing weight like I think anyone else would if they were doing what I do.

I definitely don’t wanna feel like this on vacation, and I know I don’t have much time to spare to make that happen. Disney is going to be HOT and humid, and there’s going to be a lot of walking, and it’s likely i’m going to want to wear as little clothes as possible to keep from sweating like a mouth breathing freak of nature. The last thing I want is to feel like a roving landbeast on vacation. Ugh.

And it’s not just that! Oh no! You see, this week it really hit me just how fat I could potentially get while ON vacation. The Disney meal plan is no joke. They try to fatten you up like Hansel and Gretel. Every fast food meal you get comes with a dessert. Every table service meal you get (it’s one each per day on our plan) comes with appetizer, meal, and dessert. And then there’s the buffets… They don’t mess around with the buffets. I’m trying to count how many buffets we have booked and I can’t even figure it out. All the character meals are buffets and we’re going to 3. I’m pretty sure there are more than that, but I don’t even want to think about it! 3 buffets in a week alone sounds like love handle city. I know, I know, self control! Just moderate! If there is good food…. I do not moderate… and that is why we don’t go to buffets often. It’s not like i’m the type who is going to eat 4 plates stacked a foot high, but I do always tend to eat enough to make myself uncomfortable. And of course, with it being vacation, that will give my brain an excuse to slack of lashing my hands every time I reach for more.
I won’t gain 20 pounds from one buffet, but I think what I will gain is a HUGE sense of guilt for eating so much!

Do you think all the walking we’ll be doing every day and pushing of 2 kids around in a stroller will somehow counteract the sheer amount of food i’m going to be eating while at Disney?
No? Hm, well it was worth a shot.
What if I do jumping jacks the whole time? Yes I realize i’d look like a moron, but i’d be a skinny moron.

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