Death by pillow

It would appear that my pillow has put a hit out on me. It wants me dead, and it is making that happen by leaving me sleepless most nights, and then when I finally DO fall asleep- I wake up and can’t move. Literally. 30 minutes stuck in bed, in agonizing pain, unable to move.
All I want to do is tear my head off of my body, or find someone with the strongest elephant tranquilizer known to man, or curl up into a ball and die. But first i’m burning that pillow.

Of course, asking Thomas to stay home did me no good. All men do is bitch and whine and moan about the kids whining, the kids making too much noise, “I have to take them to the potty again? but they just went!”
Yes, thank you for your commentary- but you knew when you stayed home that you would be me for a day, so do it and STFU. In enough pain as it is already.

So no, there won’t be a good blog tonight other than this short rant, for as I type this, I want to die. Pillow- 1. Jenny- 0.
Or perhaps this is my book’s payback for not working on it last night because I spent WAY too long doing surveys and could hardly keep my eyes open by the time I finished the last one. Didn’t keep my word, so now i’m paying.
I swear to god my neck & back had better feel 100% tomorrow or I might die, and not just figuratively. Three kids and Thomas’ incessant whining + searing neck and back pain? Yep, sounds like death to me.

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