A day of firsts

Today was our family’s Easter gathering, and it turned out to be a day full of surprises. It was the usual get together, lots of kids running around and screaming, a buttload of food, and a huge Easter egg hunt. Bigger than any year prior because everyone went crazy stuffing eggs- including us, we’d never brought eggs with us before and I think we ended up with something like 40 of them.

It was the first year the Ester Bunny came to our house, which I didn’t think would be a big deal but the boys LOVED their baskets. I’d planned on sleeping in a little (and by sleeping in, I mean until 7:45) but they were both up by 7 and I couldn’t let them dig into their baskets without me being there to witness it and catch it on film. While I caught all of that, what I didn’t catch was Parker tearing every egg open and sinking his teeth into the peanut butter eggs and covering himself and the carpet in drooly chocolate.

This year was the first year Parker actually got to participate in the hunt. Last year he was just a lump who sat in the grass while we brought eggs to him and oo’ed and aahh’ed as he did nothing more than shove them in his mouth. He still didn’t fully grasp the concept of “grab and go!”, but he seemed like he had a lot of fun with it. He wouldn’t put his basket down for a good 20 minutes, and Holden continued to search for eggs long after the hunt was over and nearly everyone else had already gone back inside.

It was also the first time that Holden got put in time out away from home. Screaming “NO!” when you’re told to get out of the trees separating the yards is a big badness.

And because he went traipsing around in a wooded area, it was also the first time Holden ever got a tick. The horror!!
It was after bath time and I was drying him off when I noticed a black spot on his back. It looked like dirt… or some strange kind of debris, so I attempted to just brush it off, but it didn’t budge. My eyesight sucks so I had to get closer to figure out why this dirt was being so stubborn when I saw the legs sticking out of Holden’s back.
I did what any self respecting woman would do- I screamed for Thomas.

After some googling on how to get the damn thing out of Holden, I then had to hold the poor kid still while Thomas took tweezers to it and pulled. It wasn’t even me going through it and I felt the pain. Ew. I’m still cringing.
Afterward, Holden had many questions about the tick. Why? What kind? Why was it there? Why is it so mean?
Neither he nor Parker were pleased that we had to search their entire bodies to make sure there wasn’t another one clinging on somewhere.
Luckily for Holden, the tick that decided to sink its head into him turned out NOT to be the kind that spreads Lyme disease. Big sigh of relief there.

We had no idea what to do with the damn thing once we’d pulled it out. The website Thomas found had said to stick it in a cup of alcohol, and while that made its movements much slower, it still wasn’t dead…. so we set the bitch on fire outside. You’d think with alcohol there would have been some big flame, a pretty light show, but it wasn’t nearly that exciting.

Yep, Easter, what a day! Let’s hope the next has fewer bugs involved.

EDIT: I forgot a first! That tick thing got my brain all messed up: Parker’s first hair cut! Less than a handful, but a world of difference. No longer does he look like a hillbilly hipster, and he sat almost perfectly still for the whole thing.

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