The classic April Fools don’t: Fake pregnancy!

The day has not come to an end just yet, but I have yet to get anyone, or get gotten… if that makes sense.
April fools is fun, but I would rather not participate these days! It’s not that I forget what the day is, I think it just slips my mind that April Fools means that more than likely, someone is going to FOOL you. Duh. Thanks, brain, for not putting those things together.

I wouldn’t ever consider myself a gullible person. I am HIGHLY skeptical of absolutely everything… but for some reason, at this time of year- I find myself falling for crap way more than any other time. And then I feel stupid.
Hey don’t count me out here, i’ve gotten people pretty good in the past- although it was before I popped two kids out so now remembering any of my finer moments is next to impossible- but I know it happened! That’s all that matters, right?
I’ve also been gotten more than I care to admit. Fake pregnancies (oldest one in the book!), bosses telling me that everyone else was going to be able to go home early BUT me, fake deaths (not cool)… even once when I was little, we had a fellow student’s mom come in and announce she was taking us ALL to DisneyWorld. Seriously, can you imagine the huge amount of disappointment that swallowed that room once 30 small children realized the bitch was bullshitting us? What a horrible person. I was so mad.

Let me send a warning out to all of those who think it’s the most hilarious thing in the world to announce a fake pregnancy to everyone: DON’T!!!
I know more than one lady who pulled that old April Fools joke, and less than a handful of months later found out they WERE in fact preggo. It’s a classic case of the jinx! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I am avoiding all suspicious status updates and internet hype today. I don’t want to be like Thomas and actually believe that Hardees is coming out with a TOFU Burger. It doesn’t get much more gullible than that!

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