The weaning has begun

Along with finally attempting to get Parker off of bottles, for his own good and for the Disney trip, I decided it was about time Parker stopped taking a morning nap as well. Not that I want to throw his world into upheaval, but he’s almost 18 months old. I’d love to keep him my wittle baby forever, but that would be holding him back and that’s not something I want to do!

Besides, it was taking him longer and longer to fall asleep in the morning (even though once he was out, he was OUT), and it was only a 30-40 minute nap anyways… plus it was beginning to screw with his long afternoon nap. Harder to fall asleep, and harder to stay asleep. I’d rather have one LONG nap than two short ones. When you throw the fact that Preston is here 3 days a week, getting into trouble with Holden and nearly impossible to keep those two quiet for ANY kind of sleep- the morning nap just seemed more and more like a bad idea to try and keep up with.

It’s only been a few days thus far, but there have been no ill-effects from the missing morning nap. Parker isn’t any crankier throughout the day because he’s tired without it, he’s wide awake and pretty happy about it. It isn’t making potty training any more difficult (the nap made for a large chunk of time where I wasn’t running the kid to the bathroom, and he holds his pee during naps, so it was a big dry space. A nice big dry space.), it isn’t making him want to snack any less mid-morning (the snack used to be within 20 minutes of waking up from his morning nap, and he always seemed to wake up hungry.) He actually falls asleep a lot more easily for his afternoon nap now, not that it was that hard before- but it’s almost instant now.

Parker has been napping on me pretty much EVERY single morning since he was born. That entire chunk of time for the past year and a half has always been spent sitting on the couch with him in my arms. It was almost like a mental break. Holden would play quietly or look at books, and I would get to just sit and relax for a little while.
With the morning nap being gone and my arms being free- I have no idea what to do with myself for that once filled space. It’s not a lot of time, really, but it feels like it DRAGS on now that I don’t have a specific thing to be doing during that slot anymore.

So much extra freedom and no idea how to use it! Maybe i’ll spend it thinking about how my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Sad face.

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