They’re multiplying!

It appears that our mouse problem is worse than I had originally thought. What was one mouse, maybe two… has turned into 3. One that’s probably dead in the neighbor’s yard thanks to my brother, and it’s two crazy siblings turning my kitchen into their personal play-place.

Thomas and I witnessed two mice running around our counter top last night. One behind the fridge, one behind the microwave. I went from wanting to be humane and capturing them alive and releasing them to the wild, to finding mouse shit in my corning ware and going straight into kill-mode.
They chewed through our bag of bread, they’re pissing behind my appliances, playing in my oven… it’s NOT COOL! It made for some fun drunken mouse chasing games late last night with pots flying through the air and slamming into things- but that’s about as fun as it got. We have yet to catch either of them, and it’s royally pissing me off.

I’ve seen Ratatouille and the Pixar Shorts, I know how fast those suckers can breed. I’ve seen the show “Billy the Exterminators”- I know how bad it can get if you let the problem go… I do NOT want this stupid house turning into the rat house!

I know we need to just suck it up and buy traps and call it a day… but those damn things are EXPENSIVE, and being that this is not my house, why should it be my responsibility to pay for them??

Ugh. It’s just a nasty disgusting situation full of poop. Isn’t that the story of my life???

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