There’s a mouse in the house!

For weeks now, we’ve known there is some kind of rodent scurrying around the house. Not in the main part- but in the laundry room. Not that we were surprised. That add on (which is connected to the main house but not what we consider usable space, and is closed off by a door in the kitchen) is a serious POS. It was half assed, isn’t insulated, and has all kinds of holes and unfinished walls. If there wasn’t a mouse living in there, I would be surprised.

Thomas didn’t really believe me when I first told him I was finding mouse shit on my yoga mat every time I brought it inside to exercise. I know mouse shit when I see it! I do not want to be putting my bare skin on a mat that’s been scurried over and pooped on by mice. That is NOT SANITARY y’all! I suggested Thomas call property management, since things of that nature are no longer our responsibility to take care of. Bank wants to take the house? Then they can deal with the rodents in it!
In typical Thomas fashion, he didn’t call. “Oh well I can put down my own trap! bla bla!”, did he? No.

A few nights ago while I was getting ready for bed, in the middle of taking a pee, I hear a whisper come through the door:
“Jenny! You have to come here!”
I walk into the kitchen where I see Thomas hovering around the oven. “Listen”, I had no idea what I was listening for, but a few seconds later I heard a quiet shuffling coming from inside the oven. No, I did not immediately think there was a ghost in the oven, though I did jokingly suggest it. I think we both knew it was a mouse, there was nothing else it could really be. We lit the oven up… either to fry the thing or to scare it out into the kitchen so we could catch it, but nothing happened after that.
I was puzzled as to how a mouse even got into the kitchen from the laundry room, and why the hell it would try to make a home in our oven.

It wasn’t until today that the mouse made its next appearance. During nap time, while Parker was sleeping rather peacefully on my chest, I was movement coming from the fireplace. I don’t have great eyesight, so I wasn’t honestly sure what it was. My first thought was HUGE SPIDER OMFG! because all I could see was a long string like shape. As it moved farther up the fireplace (climbing the damn wall) I realized it was a mouse. Damn that mouse!
I didn’t want to, but I woke Parker up and then jumped into action. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pot, and then back into the living room to try and catch the little thing. And by little, I mean TINY. I failed. Instead it ran INTO the fireplace where I attempted to trap it. I thought i’d done the job, but when I left the room and came back, the little dude was gone.

I’m not scared of mice in the least, but I don’t want them running around my house and touching my kids with their bubonic plague infested asses.
I looked around for a bit and then spotted it sitting on top of Holden’s Cars carrying case. Grabbed that pot again and this time I trapped it underneath. My brother was already planning on coming over, so I called him and told him to hurry his ass up and help me get that thing out of the house.

Took him a while, but he finally showed up and we carted the pot with the carrying case outside, mouse still hopefully trapped in between.
I may not want a mouse in my house, but I am not a fan of killing traps or fly paper in order to get it out. I wanted to put the mouse in the median where there’s a big tree and let it decide where to go… hopefully not back into my house.
We let the thing go, but my brother thought it should be in grass instead so he scooped it back up and attempted to toss it. FAIL. It went flinging into the pavement and didn’t move. I freaked.
Don’t put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!!!
I ran over to the little guy and got close enough to where I could see it was still breathing, but when I poked it, it didn’t move. Poor little dude. I forced my brother to scoop him back up and place him in the grass, hoping we’d just stunned him and not killed him.

I was very sad after that… of course my brother found it slightly amusing. Such bad luck to kill a tiny defenseless little creature. Sigh…

Later when I walked into the kitchen to start dinner, I saw something go flying across the windowsill above the sink and behind the microwave. ANOTHER MOUSE! DAMNIT! We’re infested! This one got away from us though after a scramble to try and catch it.

My brother likes to joke that it’s either the ghost of the mouse HE killed, not me, coming back to haunt me, or it’s Mama Mouse, angry that her baby is (possibly) dead. Looking to eat my eyes, poop in my mouth, and nest in my hair. Lovely thought. I’m definitely going to be getting a good night’s sleep tonight!

I hope after finding two mice in the house that Thomas finally calls the damn property management to deal with the obviously growing problem. I won’t hold my breath on that one though.

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