Slow and steady wins the race

It feels like it’s been months since Parker’s last occupational therapy appointment. Really it’s just been a long and slightly confusing two weeks.
I wasn’t sure i’d have anything good to report to our OT when she came back. It has always seemed like whenever she’s around Parker will try things he’d NEVER try if she weren’t here- just to show off. He seems to like having an audience. Without her coming every week, would he keep trying new things? Or would his progress come to a screeching halt?

If you happened to read the blog the day she told me she’d only be coming twice a month instead of once a week, you’d know I was pretty damn panicked about it.

And for what? As it turns out, tomorrow i’ll really only have GOOD news to report to our OT. For once it’s all good, when does that ever happen?

I wouldn’t say it’s been like a lightswitch flipping, nothing is ever that fast in the land of Parker. He hasn’t suddenly gone to eating massive amounts of everything we put in front of him- but he’s shown a large improvement. He doesn’t have issues touching things anymore, which was his largest problem when it came to trying new things from the beginning. He tries new things, not everything, but a lot of new things. Rice? Loves it now. He ate two bites of a chicken nugget last week, and tonight while I was grating cheese.. something he absolutely HATES, almost as much as meat, he begged for some. I gave it to him, thinking he’d immediately spit it out with a disgusted look on his face as he usually does… but instead he just made a weird face and then reached for more and then ate it no problem.

In order to really kick him up a notch, and to get him ready for long days at Disney- we’ve finally been weaning him off of bottles. He needed the extra to keep his weight up, but we just couldn’t see carting bottles around Disney full of whole milk… in the heat. Of course we were concerned that even if we took the bottles away it wouldn’t necessarily mean he’d eat more food, and that it might cause a drop in his weight, but that hasn’t been the case. He’s actually gained over a half a pound since we started weaning. Maybe we should have done it a lot sooner, but we all (doctor, OT, and us) agreed that the bottles were necessary until he got over the majority of his aversions. The timing just seemed right now.
I’d love to have him off of baby food by D-Day, but I don’t want to push him that hard. It would still be nice not to have to worry about packing baby food jars in his luggage and having them explode all over his clothes in transit.

I’d love to say that i’m excited to brag about all of Parker’s accomplishments at tomorrow’s appointment… BUT… i’m actually more nervous that they’re going to cut him down even more. We are definitely not ready for that!

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