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I have not been sleeping well lately. AT ALL. I have weird dreams, I toss and turn, have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and then wake up feeling completely unrefreshed and exhausted. It’s an exhaustion that lasts all day. I get so tired during the boys nap times that it actually gives me an intense headache to try and stay awake. It’s the constant nod…SNAP…nod….SNAP! motion.

Our mouse problem that I thought was one or two, MAYBE three mice? Turns out to be more like 6+. It’s absolutely disgusting. Every time we smash one in a trap, another one pops up, followed by another and another. We spent 45 minutes chasing ONE mouse last night only for it to disintegrate into thin air. They’ve gotten into our food. They’ve gotten into the baby bag, into the toy bin. I was trying to be humane about the capturing and releasing of them, but now i’m pissed and they need to DIE. We actually caught one of them tonight as it was hiding under our microwave and the little bastard got away Property management claims it isn’t their problem and if we want an exterminator, we have to pay for it. I think that’s BULLSHIT. In no rental property that I have EVER lived in has pest control been the tenants responsibility to take care of. You’d better belive that i’m going to be going through our rental agreement tonight.

As much as I complain about having to babysit when I didn’t agree to it, I unfortunately have come to rely on the money. I probably shouldn’t have done that. Preston is supposed to show up on Tuesday nights around 5:30 so the time between my brother going to work and babymama coming home is covered. When it became 6pm and they didn’t show, I asked my brother if he was running late. My phone rang a few seconds later and my brother told me there would be no more Tuesday night babysitting. He gave me two different reasons that would make sense alone, but together confused me. One of them was that their previous daycare provider called up the babymama and boo-hoo’ed about how that now that she isn’t watching Preston, she can’t afford to pay her electric bill. What does babymama do? Starts giving her money anyways. I think maybe Preston was there tonight instead, just to throw the chick a bone.
here’s my issue: If the woman really needed the money so badly- perhaps instead of screwing my brother over and attempting to force him to pay for 5 full days of daycare when he only needed 3 half days, she should have cut him a deal and only made him pay for when Preston was actually there. Instead, she got greedy and refused, so my brother came to me. Makes sense. At least then she would have been getting SOME money instead of screwing herself out of everything because she wants to have her cake and eat it too.
My thought on it is this: Daycare is like any other service you pay for. You are paying them for what you want. If they don’t give you what you want, you go somewhere that will. Babymama is too nice and is getting taken advantage of because she’s being guilted into paying for a service she wasn’t happy for and went elsewhere.
The main concern? That if she continues to pay the previous daycare provider- why would they still come to me? Why not just take Preston to the previous place if they’re still being guilted into paying for it? Before the Disney trip got set into stone I wouldn’t have had a problem with it, but the money my brother will be paying me to take care of Preston is already spent on the room upgrade. Without it- we’re screwed. This does not make me happy.

Tonight was my Dad’s night to come over and visit with the boys. He’s the first one to suggest I put my blog into a book, so I wanted to show him to rough draft printed out to show him how far the project has come. I expected him just to take a look at it, but instead he started flipping through and skimming random parts of the book. Of course, he flipped to the most AWKWARD parts for a father to read in front of his daughter. Condomless sex? National Geographic boobs (all from the pregnancy blogs section)? Talk about embarrassing. I’m old enough to where it shouldn’t be so weird, and it probably wouldn’t be if it were my Mom reading it… but for my DAD to read a section about how I talk about having sex without a condom because you’re already pregnant and it can do no further harm? Seriously embarrassing. On the bright side, he called me an “author”, which I took as a compliment even though I suppose I already am, but I want to be an PUBLISHED author.

It’s been a long, strange day… and going to be a long night as well. I have a lot of surveys and a hell of a lot of book edits that I wrote on paper to put into the computer file.

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